How do you know which games are compatible with the Steam Deck before its release? Valve details its “symbol system”

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Steam Deck development seems to be going well. Valve has announced that it is testing which games work well on its platform and has announced a “symbol system” to indicate to players which games work properly on the Steam Deck. The published system has 4 levels of compatibility, which players should know before purchasing video games for the handheld console.

Above you can see an image that shows the 4 levels of compatibility with some examples: verified, playable, not supported and unknown.

  • Verified: A green check mark indicates that the game has passed Valve testing for controller input, display, fluency, and system compatibility.
  • Playable: A yellow symbol means that the game is playable, but it may need some adjustments to be a pleasant experience. This may mean selecting a controller configuration made by the community, using the touch screen, and more.
  • Not supported: A gray symbol means that the game does not work properly on the Steam Deck. An example is Half-Life Alyx, since it requires VR to play.
  • Unknown: A question mark means that Valve has not yet checked the game’s compatibility.

This system also will affect the way games are displayed in the Steam store of the handheld console: Only games that are verified by Steam Deck will be displayed in the store. Badges too will be displayed in the thumbnail of each game in your Steam library, telling you how it will run before launching it.

At the same time, Valve has made it clear that it plans to expand support prior to the Steam Deck launch, and will continue after launch.

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