How each zodiac sign will fare in 2022: astrologer responds

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When each year begins, it also begins with a different energy. Because, in this case, 2022 will be the year of Pisces, the last sign of the zodiac. And it is said that it is his year because he will be positioned on the planet of Jupiter, known for being the one of expansion and growth. Therefore, it will be 12 months of a lot of introspection. It will also take a small step by Jupiter the sign of Aires, so it will be necessary to heal in many aspects and then start a stage with a lot of energy and effort.

About this, he spoke to us Lourdes Ferro, renowned Uruguayan astrologer and tarot reader who has just launched her new book Astrological Guide 2022. The genealogy specialist also defined 2022 as a “time to close stages.”

“We must prepare to close. That is what is proposed to us. Do not leave pending, evaluations, I think it is super important that we do evaluations, it is a lot of introspection. It is not a noisy year, although in the center we will have that passage from Jupiter to Aries. But at that time of the year, we will have the possibility to check if everything is indeed okay “, expressed in dialogue with Spoiler.

Of course, the effect of the year of Pisces will be different for each sign of the zodiac. It is always advisable to do an analysis of a person’s birth chart and also their solar revolution in order to have a clearer picture. Nevertheless, Lourdes gave us some tips to keep in mind for 2022, according to the sun sign. Also, if you know, read the one for your ascendant.

Tips for each zodiac sign in 2022


Aries have to learn to let go this year.


This sign is a revolution. Taurus is already revolutionized and will follow.


Success and achievement will come to you. It depends on where you see it, because it seems that success is what others see of you, but it is the achievement for this year.


Cancer will play the professional, it is professional expansion.


This year is all about transformation. You are going to have to transform yourself, the past comes to you to let you be.


Everything that has to do with a partner and partners. The meeting with the other.


In the case of Libra, it will have to do with work and health.


For Scorpio, there will be romance and, perhaps, also “stork”.


For the Sagittarius, everything that has to do with the territory, both the house and the family. That is, gain of territory.


In this case, communication, travel, transfers. When I say travel I also mean that I can be sitting at home with a computer and reach different parts of the world.


Silver arrives for Aquarius. It is the year of resources. It will not rain money, you have to go in search of resources.


And for Pisces, your year. You have to flourish, you have to resurface, you have to spread your wings because it is the moment, it is your moment.

Pisces zodiac sign is the last sign in the Horoscope and they sometimes tend to be overly emotional and generous while giving love and kindness. Since Jupiter is their governing planet, the Pisces will have career development this year, and they will also prosper financially. This, in its turn, will boost their professional image and increase their quality of life. Jupiter as the leading planet will have a likewise effect on other signs as well.

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