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How GamStop Players Can Spend Their Time

If you recently registered on GamStop, you won’t play games provided by UK casinos. GamStop offers punters a chance to self-exclude from online gambling. The scheme was introduced by the UK Gambling Commission (UKGC), which regulates gambling activity in the UK. 

All UKGC-licensed platforms participate in the GamStop program and block registered players from accessing real money games until the self-exclusion period expires. The minimum exclusion period is six months, and players can also self-exclude for up to one or five years.  There are many things you can do once you are blocked from GamStop casinos. Here are three of them:

Play Casino Games

GamStop only works in the UK and for online casinos licensed by the UKGC. Players can still explore games provided by casinos not on GamStop which you can easily find on NonGamStopBets, including all offshore gambling sites and UK land-based casinos unless you register for the SENSE (Self Enrollment National Self Exclusion) program. SENSE is the GamStop equivalent designed for land-based casinos. If you join GamStop by mistake, you’ll still be expected to wait out the self-exclusion term before you can start playing on UK casinos. Fortunately, many sites aren’t part of GamStop, and you can continue betting without worrying about the restrictions. 

However, playing outside GamStop comes with various risks, so you should review each offer before signing up for an account. Some of the things to consider include casino license, certified fair games, wide game variety, lucrative bonuses and promotions, exceptional customer support, secure payment methods and growing reputation among players and the gambling community. Not all non GamStop sites are legitimate, but many trusted platforms exist online and welcome blocked players. These sites offer the same opportunities, so you can continue playing slots, table games like blackjack, roulette and baccarat, dice, poker, card games, bingo, lotto, keno, scratchcards, Slingo, sports betting and more. 

Learn About Types of UK Gambling

If you are not interested in playing games provided by sites outside GamStop, you can use the self-exclusion period to learn about existing types of UK gambling. There are many unique forms of gambling in the UK, including real money and social gambling. Here’s a brief overview:

Real Money Games

As the name suggests, these games involve depositing real money and betting for real cash prizes. When you register on GamStop, UK casinos will block you from playing real money games, including slots, table games, poker, bingo, lotteries and other options that require placing real money bets.  

Watch Gambling Related Movies

GamStop players that don’t want to continue playing or learning about gambling options can still enjoy their time watching gambling-related movies. You can find many action movies centred around gambling that gained worldwide popularity. Also, there are several movies and TV shows that educate people about gambling and feature gambling scenes. Since gambling is a worldwide hobby, many classic and modern shows feature scenes about betting.

Social Games and Amusement/Arcade

These games don’t involve depositing or betting real money. Instead, they use virtual credits that you can use to place bets and enjoy casino games with no expectation of winning real cash. Social games are ideal for honing your skills or spending time with friends and family and suit those looking to break from real money games. 

All forms of online gambling are either real money or social. However, there are many forms available for UK players. Some of the popular options include:


Being on GamStop doesn’t mean the end of gambling unless you genuinely want to take a break from all forms of online betting and games. In this case, you should consider enrolling for SENSE and installing apps that block gambling sites. However, there are many entertainment opportunities and if you still want to keep tabs on what’s going on. You can also continue playing your favourite game if you joined GamStop by mistake, thanks to the existence of many reputable non GamStop casino sites.

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