How I Met Your Father’s cast has been revealed

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The cast of How I Met Your Father, which will take place in the universe of How I Met Your Mother, has been announced.

It was clear that Hillary Duff would already be the main character in the series. Duff would play the parent who tells his son how he met his father. The Hollywood ReporterIn addition to the actor, Chris Lowell of Veronica Mars, Francia Raisa of Grown-ish, Tom Ainsley of The Royals, Tien Tran of Space Force and Suraj Sharma’ whom we know from Life of Pi’ announced that he will be in the cast of the series.

Lowell will play a musician named Jesse. Jesse drives an Uber to pay his bills. Sharma also stars as Jesse’s best friend, bar manager Sid. Tran will also play Jesse’s adopted brother.

Raisa will play stylist Valentina. Valentina is also the roommate of Duff’s character. Ainsley will star in the series as Charlie, a wealthy model.

10 episodes of the series will air exclusively on Hulu. No release date yet, but We can see that the shooting has started from Duff’s Instagram story.

Duff was in the news in late 2020 when the new season of the Disney Channel series Lizzie McGuire was canceled.

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