How Instagram will help connect brands with content creators

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Instagram is a social network that has changed a lot since its inception. From what seemed to be aimed at a photography app, it has now become a multimedia that is capable of competing against the strongest on the market, whether they are from Menlo Park’s own house or the new emerging stars. This is a claim for brands and content creators, two users that Instagram wants to unite with a new function.

Instagram wants to unite its users with brands

Many people have found another business or employment opportunity on the Internet, depending on how you look at it. One of those professions born of this world is that of content creator, who are dedicated to uploading videos to the Internet of what they themselves consider interesting or what has happened to them throughout the day. There is everything, but the truth is that many have obtained a lot of notoriety by telling their day to day or their point of view.

For this reason, many of these Content creators have found support for their content in some brands. But it is important that content creators know which firms they can ask for this support, to which Instagram has responded with a feature that aims to help content creators connect with brands.

This function is in the practical phase, but for what it counts Engadget in its lines there will be functions to bring each other closer. This has already been put into practice by the firm with events and decisions such as that creators earn money from the sales made through the platform of a product that they promote or teach. He has also given up extra commissions for spending more time directing on the platform, but there is still more.

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The last novelty that is in the testing phase has to do with a division of the part of direct messages. In this way, users will have separate information from the brands that contact them, away from the most banal conversations of users. The media also points out that there will be more news in the future, so it will be time to wait to see the latest movements of the company to unite the users who work in the photographic application with the companies that want to publicize their products.


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