How is Filmin, a new streaming platform that seeks to position itself in Latin America

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More and more platforms to which users have access when viewing content through streaming. Gone are the times when Netflix it was the only option when choosing to watch a movie or series at home. Today practically all distributors, such as Paramount, Amazon Studios, Disney O WarnerMedia They have their own service through which they offer the titles that they own.

Stand By Me is one of the many classics that appears in Filmin Españ. (IMDb)

Among all of them, a little more than a decade ago of the movie. It is a Spanish company created by Juan Carlos Tous that little by little grew in number of titles, interface quality and financial support. What started as a company that received the push of independent film distributors from the European country such as Alta Films, Avalon, Vertigo Films O GolemToday it already has about ten thousand titles.

of the movie It is a platform dedicated mostly to independent cinema, but this does not mean that there are other titles belonging to the so-called mainstream. To access the catalog, you can pay a subscription or rent the titles through a user created on the platform. In this sense, it depends on the type of account that has been generated, you will be able to see more titles or you will have to pay an extra to access them.

thomas vinterberg mads mikkelsen the hunt la caza

At Filmin México you can see The Hunt, the great film by Oscar winner Thomas Vinterberg. (IMDb)

In an era in which the premiere windows are increasingly important and at the same time complex for the industry, such as the announcement of HBO Max and Warner Bros. Pictures to release the titles simultaneously, of the movie seems to have an interesting proposition. One of the user types, known as premier, allows access to three special productions per month. That is, if there were major premieres on the platform, they could cover a kind of ticket through this mechanism.

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How Filmin works

of the movie It operates with a video reproduction system that adapts to the type of connection. Although the image quality of the movies is standard, if the internet connection is poor, you will not have good video playback. On the other hand, it is important to note that titles that are not accessible to base users have a time to reproduce. Once the product is rented, the time to see it will depend on whether it is a series or a movie.

The titles that are rented do not begin their expiration period until it is given play to the first chapter or the movie in question. If it is a film, you have up to 72 hours to view the material, while if it is an episodic fiction, the user will have up to 30 days to finish it.

Where Filmin is available

Being a company from Spain, it is clear that of the movie it has the vast majority of its market in the European country. But five years ago it began its expansion and already offers its platform in Portugal and Mexico. In the case of this Latin American country, it is clear that it may be the gateway to the market in this region, with a catalog that differs from the large tanks based on independent cut productions. At the moment there is no news about an expansion in the Latin market.


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