How is my data transferred from the Bankia app to CaixaBankNow?

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Data from 7.6 million old customers; a total volume of 10.4 PetaBytes in weight (basically 45 times the amount that is stored in Spotify); 2,500 million digitized documents including signatures, contracts, ID, receipts …

From Bankia app to CaixaBank

Bankia is already extinct, and since 3:00 pm today it has started the process of migrating all its information to CaixaBank, being the greatest integration at a technological and commercial level that has been made in the financial system of Spain.

Ok, that’s all great, but what about my data? If I am a Bankia customer and I was used to using your mobile application, how can I pass my data to the CaixaBank app?

Your old username and password

The first thing to know is that the data migration process is going to happen throughout the weekend. Starting Sunday, November 14, CaixaBankNow will be your new digital bank once the integration is complete and operational. Until then you can continue using the Bankia app and website today and tomorrow.

AND You will not have to create a new user or anything like that, since you will be able to access CaixaBankNow with the same credentials that you use to access Bankia’s digital banking. According to La Caixa, “your identifier and password will not change ”, although “We inform you that, to authorize certain operations, such as transfers, transfers, etc., you will need to download the CaixaBank Sign app, the CaixaBank mobile signature app”.

They won’t change your cards either

According to the official information of La Caixa, the number of the credit card you have with Bankia “will not be modified after integration, so that your direct debits will remain as you currently have them configured “. This will remain the same, and you can also use the Bankia card at CaixaBank ATMs “without commission “ doing “All available operations”At an ATM.

Bankia cards can be used until they expire or until they are replaced by a CaixaBank card.


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