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How is the Amazon Prime Video series that premiered on TikTok

That companies dedicated to entertainment compete for the position of the best streaming platform it is no longer a novelty. Every week, all of them add to their catalog new series and movies and loyalty more and more to their users. But sometimes that is not enough and they need to expand to innovate. In this sense, Amazon Prime Video beginning Enters to scene, a series that takes place in TikTok and that tells stories LGTB +.

Aiming at the young audience that consumes the content of this successful social network, Jeff Bezos’ company ensures the objective of this miniseries of six short episodes it is “make personal experiences visible and celebrate the way of living, feeling and improving of a community”. Although all the chapters have already been released, the truth is that since Enters to scene continue to encourage their followers to be encouraged to count their life stories.

In fact, it was through a call on the official site that they asked people with the hashtag #EntraEnEscena, to tell them about those thoughts or situations that led them to be who they are today. Filled with pride, the LGBT + community was willing to participate and Amazon received more than 300 ideas for your episodes.

In this way, a group of influencers Experts on the subject selected the first six experiences that were represented in the TikTok videos. Among them were Carolina Iglesias, Chenta Tsai, Laura Corbacho, Alex Delacroix, La Cuchillos, Las Tukus and Virtual Deva.

Enter the Scene has the participation of influencers (Amazon Prime Video).

Through these emotional stories, the followers did not hesitate to support the content and join in contributing everything they went through in these years. This is why the series will continue, at least, for the remainder of the 2021. It is evident that the community is grateful for these spaces that give a voice to people who today continue to be questioned or threatened. “The idea is to innovate with new and social formats that will allow the audience interact with the content”They concluded from Amazon Prime Video.

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