How likely is Alec Baldwin to be found guilty?

The repercussions of the accident on the set of Rust that ended the life of Halyna Hutchins not finished yet. As the investigations continue, Alec Baldwin spoke with journalist George Stephanopoulos in an hour-long special of ABC that was titled “Alec Baldwin Unscripted” (Alec Baldwin unscripted). After the preview that was seen on Wednesday, in which the actor assured that he had not pulled the trigger, the full interview could be seen last night.

In this context, Baldwin he referred to the possibilities of being charged for the accident. So far, two complaints have been made against the production of Rust, one of which was done by the script supervisor, Mamie Mitchell, who pointed directly to Baldwin as the person responsible for the death of the cinematographer, Halyna Hutchins. In his first presentation, Mitchell made it clear that the artist cannot “hide” and delegate responsibility for the accident to someone else.

“I have been told by people who know, in terms even within the state, that it is highly unlikely that I will be charged with something criminal.”, he assured Baldwin. It is worth noting that the Santa Fe district attorney, Mary Carmack-Altwies, has not yet ruled out this possibility and is awaiting investigations to yield more conclusive results on the accident that occurred at the Bonanza Creek Ranch on October 21.

In the interview, the actor also explained how the gun was fired and maintained that he did not pull the trigger. “I hammered the gun and said (to Hutchins) ‘You can see it? Can you see it? ‘I dropped the hammer and the gun went off. “, he pointed. Then he saw how Hutchins he was on the ground, and for an instant he thought he had passed out. As he recalled, it took him almost an hour to break out of his shock and understand what had happened.

Alec Baldwin’s Mental Health

Since the news of the terrible accident was revealed, in addition to the details around the explanation and the interest in knowing who was responsible for the death of HutchinsSome began to ask about the actor’s mental health. Not because he was not in optimal condition but because of the consequences that the accident could leave him. However, when asked if he felt guilty, Baldwin denied it completely: “I think someone is responsible for what happened and I can’t say who it was, but I know it wasn’t me. Honestly, if I felt I was responsible, I could have been killed. And I don’t say this lightly. “.

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