how long will you be able to watch the medical drama on the platform

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Bad news for fans of Grey’s Anatomy! The hit medical series will no longer be in the great catalog of the Netflix streaming service, where you can currently find it with its 17 complete seasons, but number 18 will not arrive. It is one of the fictions that most captivated users of the platform and the ones that most promoted during its boom in Latin America several years ago. Why is it leaving and how long will it be?

From September 30, fans in the United States enjoy the eighteenth installment of the drama and They seem to be the episodes that will close the story, according to some movements within the plot and the problems outside the program that were generated. Ellen Pompeo was charged with receiving money for failing to report abuse of Patrick Dempsey and this would be an important factor for the closing of the story.

+Grey’s Anatomy se va de Netflix

It was a normal day for the viewers of the show, but when they went to play one of its episodes they found a notice from the platform announcing their withdrawal. They quickly went to social networks, where they found part of the public in the same situation and made the headline trending on Twitter.

The reason for your departure is because Your contract with the platform ends and there will be no renewal. Happens that is an original production of ABC, an American television network that became the property of Disney when the company acquired Fox products. Once the streaming deal comes to an end, surely will become exclusive to Star +.

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+ How long will it be on Netflix?

According to official information, the medical drama Grey’s Anatomy will be available with its 17 seasons until Friday, December 31 of this year. That is to say, in less than four weeks the series will cease to be part of the content library, thus leaving thousands of fans who follow fiction there and now must have another platform to watch it.

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