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How Many Cups in a Water Bottle – Drinking Water Basics

People nowadays have become pretty careful about their health and water intake. They are often confused if they have intaken enough amounts of water or not. In most cases, people are seen storing water in a water bottle and then consuming it for obvious reasons that the water bottle stores more capacity. 

But, to have an estimate of the quantity of water someone drinks per day, it is necessary to have a quantitative value in hand, which in most cases is not mentioned in the “Nutritional Value” column of the label. To ease that, people can measure the volume of water by cup size. For that, you might be wondering how many cups are in a water bottle. Let’s find out!

How Many Cups in a Water Bottle?

Honestly speaking, the water holding capacity of each cup and each water bottle that you use to measure varies. This can lead to immense confusion and you might still lag in your water intake for the day. Thus, we have mentioned the volume of water for cups of different sizes so that you can conveniently estimate as per the one you have. 

Volume by ouncesVolume by litersVolume by cups
8 Oz.0.23L1
12 Oz. 0.35L1.5
16.9 Oz.0.49L2.1
20 Oz.0.59L2.5
24 Oz. 0.70L3
33.8 Oz.0.99L4.2

Normally, a standard water bottle comes with a capacity of holding 16.9 ounces of water. To fill this water bottle to the brim, more than 2 cups of water are required. However, for an 8-ounce water bottle, one cup is sufficient and similarly, for a 20-ounce water bottle, you will be needing two and a half cups of water.

Is it Necessary to Know How Many Cups are in a Water Bottle?

Primarily, the most important reason why people measure the number of cups that a water bottle can store is that it is necessary to consume 8 cups of water per day. To prevent going to have each cup of water every time a person needs it, it is better to consider a convenient way to have the water bottle filled. Thus, to ease the trouble, it is necessary to know the number of cups that can come in a water bottle.

Is it Safe to Drink Water Directly From the Water Bottle?

Practically, when you drink water from the rim of your bottle, the germs, dust, and bacteria that would surely be present on your lips and your saliva will be transferred to the water bottle. Certainly, these bacteria and germs are going to get mixed with the remaining water. It can then harm you when you consume that stored water. Although you can use BPA-free water bottles, you should not drink water that has been stored for much in the water bottle.

Is it Safe to Drink Water from a Container Kept in a Moving Vehicle?

Well, a moving vehicle is under direct and continuous exposure to sunlight. The heat from the sun ends up making the water warmer. Warmer water acts as a site for more growth of the bacteria. Thus, the leftover water in a bottle in the moving vehicle contains harmful toxic chemicals and BPA. 

To assure that you are not infected by such toxic chemicals, you are either advised to not drink water that is kept in a moving vehicle. Else, if there is no other alternative available, you should use a BPA-free water bottle wherein you can store water for hours without having to worry.

Factors to Consider Before Drinking Water Kept in a Water Bottle

While it is safe to drink water from a water bottle, there are certain factors that you should consider before you drink water kept in a water bottle

• Do not drink water that has been stored for more than 12-14 hours in a water bottle. Drinking water that has been properly stored overnight is safe for your health. 

• No matter if you have water or any other liquid in your water bottle or not, you should not leave it open. Doing so would lead to the accumulation of dust and germs in the water bottle and thus can harm you.

• Do not leave your water bottle in your vehicle or the exposure to heat for much longer. It would mean the growth of bacteria and other toxic chemicals in the water bottle.

• Make it a habit to wash your water bottle every day. The clean surface of the water bottle ensures healthy drinking water altogether. 

Advantages of Drinking Water

Drinking sufficient amounts of water every day has obvious health benefits, some of which are discussed below-

Stay Hydrated

Intaking 8 cups of water every day helps you to stay hydrated. The easiest way to know if your body is hydrated is by checking the color of your urine. If the color of your urine is transparent light yellow, it means you are hydrated. Consume water at regular intervals to ensure that you remain hydrated. 

Boosts Metabolism

Drinking sufficient water helps in boosting metabolism automatically. It regulates the temperature of your body and thus it helps in enhancing your metabolism. A good metabolism is ensured if water consumption is appropriate. 

Removes Toxins

Water is most beneficial in flushing out toxins and harmful chemicals from your body which have otherwise resulted in causing a cramp or muscle pain. Drinking enough water would not result in any such harm to your body and then you will feel relaxed. 

Can Too Much Water Make You Sick?

No doubt consuming excessive water can make you sick. If you intake more quantities of water than is required by your body, it might end up diluting the salts in the blood. If this happens, a person can become severely sick and have a disease known as hyponatremia.

Moreover, if you are taking medicinal drugs, you should be regulating your water intake. If you are taking too much water, it can cause water retention. Thus, drinking water excessively can become hazardous to your health. You should ask your doctor regarding water consumption if you are on drugs.


Water is an excellent hydrating solution to keep all the toxic chemicals out of your body. However, intaking too much water can dilute the salts in your body, and then the medicines that you are taking would have no impact on your body. Thus, consume a perfect amount of water every day.

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