How many episodes will ‘American Horror Stories’ season 1 have?

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The long-awaited American Horror Story spin-off, American Horror Storieswill finally hit Hulu on July 15, 2021. But only two episodes of the first season will come out on the premiere date.

So how many episodes will the season 1 from American Horror Stories? and what can we expect from the first episodes of the spin-off de American Horror Story? This is what we know.

Long before the American Horror Stories season 1 premiere, Ryan Murphy revealed the episode count for the new cycle. How we report in The Truth NewsIn November 2020, the creator claimed that the AHS spin-off will have 16 episodes.

“It is the spin-off of AHS. We’re doing 16 independent one-hour episodes that delve into horror myths, legends, and traditions. Many of these episodes will feature AHS stars you know and love, ”Murphy wrote on Twitter.

Murphy’s tweet also reveals how many episodes of American Horror Stories are left after the premiere. As you may know, the first two episodes will be released on July 15 and the new episodes will be released weekly on Thursdays. So there will be 14 episodes left.

As Murphy mentioned in his tweet, the new episodes of American Horror Stories will focus on standalone stories rather than a general storyline throughout the season.

Of course, fans will have to wait and see what stories are told. But the American Horror Story spin-off has already revealed what’s to come in the next five episodes. So here’s what to expect, according to IMDb.

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