How much do streaming platforms cost and which is the cheapest in Argentina

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It is increasingly difficult to choose what type of streaming platforms to hire at home. To have all those that are available in the country, with the newest as Star+, Disney+ and HBO Max, almost 3700 pesos are needed per month. To this, of course, you have to add the internet subscription to be able to access the different catalogs. What used to be bundled in premium cable service packages, which generally separated between sports, adult content, and cinema, has now been completely diversified.

SkyShowtime could reach the region and be Peacock’s gateway. (ViacomCBS)

Studies like Paramount and Warner Bros. Pictures understood that the business was not to assign the distribution rights to other companies such as Netflix O Amazon Prime Video, but develop their own platforms to offer their titles. If services like DIRECTV GO, Flow, Movistar Play and Clear Video, for which you have to pay an average of a thousand pesos and work almost like a traditional cable service, below you will see the list of services from the most expensive to the cheapest in Argentina.

10 – Star+

The recently enabled Star+ It is the most expensive of the platforms and costs 880 pesos per month. With content as valuable as the entire seasons of The Simpson, Lost and The X-Files, a large part of the price has to do with the possibility of watching sport live through the matches licensed by ESPN. It should also be noted that its price is reduced, almost by half, if it is contracted in combo with Disney+.

star + the simpsons bart simpson

For the first time a platform has all the complete seasons of The Simpsons. (IMDb)

9 – Qubit.TV

The platform is defined as a space of “Independent cinema, premieres and hard-to-find jewels”. Qubit.TV offers a trial period and then 499 pesos are paid per month, taxes included. Medium Hair Thieves, Hellraiser and Street dogs are the three titles that are highlighted on the service subscription page.

8 – Apple TV Plus

The platform that has, perhaps, the least amount of advertising among those considered tanks. Apple TV Plus was launched on the market by the hand of The Morning Show and today enjoy the absolute success of Ted Lasso. With a period of three months free for those who acquire devices AppleIts value is 4.99 dollars, which is currently almost 490 pesos.

jason sudeikis ted lasso apple tv plus

Ted Lasso is one of the sensations of the moment. (IMDb)


MUBI, like Qubit.TV seeks to stand out from a catalog that differs from the mainstream. With daily selections of movies and classics like the cinema of Wong Kar-wai, the platform offers a seven-day trial period and then costs 399 pesos per month. In case of paying an annual membership, a 43% discount is offered.

6 – Disney Plus

As already mentioned before, Disney+ has the exception that it can be contracted in combo with Star+ and lower its cost. Currently it has a price of 385 pesos per month that allow access to the entire catalog of the study. In addition, some premieres arrive through what is called Premier Access, for which you have to pay an extra close to a thousand pesos to be able to see the exclusive titles. So was the case with Cruella and Black Widow.

5 – Amazon Prime Video

With The Office and The Boys, Amazon Prime Video It is installed as one of the best ranked platforms among users. It was the one that best managed to establish itself in a market dominated by Netflix, and today, after the end of the trial period, it has a value of 319 pesos per month.

the boys amazon prime video

The Boys is gearing up for its third season. (IMDb)

4 – Paramount Plus

Paramount Plus, which allows you to view a collection of titles such as all the movies of Mission Impossible and will soon have the series of The Godfather, The Offer, has a trial period of seven days. Once completed, the value of the platform is 299 pesos per month. In other countries such as Spain it will arrive through the platform SkyShowtime, which will link it to contents of Comcast and ViacomCBS, so it could be the front door of Peacock (service streaming from NBCUniversal) to Argentina).

3 – Netflix

On the podium appears Netflix, the company that changed the way we consume series and movies. Its basic plan is 279 pesos per month although it has one caveat: the reproduction quality will not exceed 480 pixels, which is quite low. To upgrade to a FullHD plan, you have to pay 459 pesos per month, which would rank it as the second most expensive platform today.

2 – StarzPlay

Another platform whose value is stipulated in dollars is StarzPlay. With a price of 2.49 dollars that translates into about 245 pesos per month, this platform that offers productions such as Normal People, the great miniseries headed by Paul Mescal and Daisy Edgar-Jones, just released Heels and prepares for the arrival of BMF.

1 – HBO Max

As of today, the recently released HBO Max It is the cheapest of all the available ones, with a cost of 151.93 in its cheapest plan. Of course, on the same website they clarify that said price does not include taxes. The service has a 7-day trial to access one of the most complete and best quality catalogs, with series such as The Sopranos, The Wire, Six Feet Under, classics like Citizen Kane and collections such as the complete saga of Harry Potter.

Free streaming platforms

To the aforementioned platforms, we must add some that are also available in the country and for which there is no need to pay money: Cine.Ar and Pluto TV. While the first has a fairly complete library of national productions (some that must be rented to see them), the second works as a sort of live television grid, which allows access to titles classified by genre or even individually, as in the case of South Park and Naruto, which have channels that show them live 24 hours a day.


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