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How Much Does an American Visa for a Child Cost Now?

US Increases American Visa Prices for 2023

The United States increased the prices of the American visa for 2023 in the non-immigrant categories and the applicants wonder what happens with the visas for minors.

The visa is the essential document for Mexicans to travel to the American Union for any visa, whether air, land or sea. The State Department increased prices on May 30, after keeping rates unchanged for nearly a decade. Now it seeks to cover the real costs of processing the document.

Price Increase

The B1/B2 tourist visa went up by 25 dollars and now costs 185 dollars, which is equivalent to about 3,700 Mexican pesos. The visa fee must be paid after filling out Form DS-160 online and then already the applicant is allowed to schedule an appointment at the Embassy or consulate where they will meet with a consular officer.

Visas for Minors

In raising the fees, the Department of State clarified that the price increase applies to visas and border crossing cards for Mexicans over the age of 15 years old. Therefore, children under 15 years of age may continue paying 16 dollars (320 MXN) for the tourist visa if they meet one of the following requirements:

However, when paying the fee of 16 dollars, the validity of the minor’s visa will be 10 years or until he reaches 15 years of age, whichever happens first. For the child to obtain a visa with 10 years of validity and that does not expire if he exceeds 15 years of age, it is necessary to pay the normal fee of 185 dollars.

American Visa Application Process for Minors

It is the same as for adults, but with some additional requirements. The child or adolescent must be Mexican, have a passport issued by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and at least one of their parents must be Mexican or live in the country. The visa process for a minor requires the authorization of both parents.

To begin the application, it is necessary to fill out Form DS-160 on the website. In this Form, you must provide the child’s personal data and all the information related to the trip you plan to make to the United States.

After making the payment, whether it is 16 or 185 dollars, it is possible to access the ais.usvisa-info to schedule the date of the appointment for the collection of biometric data and, if necessary, the interview with the consular officer. Generally, children under 13 years of age should not go through this stage.

On the day of the appointment, children under six years of age must also bring a copy of their birth certificate, a copy of the visa of one of their parents and two 5×5 cm color photos.

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