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How much does Apple give me for my old iPhone when I buy the iPhone 13

One more year Apple has presented to the world its new range of mobile devices: the iPhone 13. Everyone is queuing to reserve theirs, whatever the model is and that will help Apple to know how many terminals it needs to deliver them to their owners in the first batch of shipments. But for users it is also being an important moment, especially for users. who want to know how much Apple will give them for their old mobile to buy the iPhone 13.

These are the conditions of the Apple Renove Plan

Everyone knows Apple’s commitment to caring for the planet. The firm emphasizes whenever it can when it talks about its products, which it already builds with recycled materials. In addition, he is aware that if you change your mobile you do not need an old one stored in the drawer, so it is best to recycle it in this sense.

So let’s take a look at the system Trade In which has already been updated with the prices of the terminals to be given as the ones to be purchased. We will tell you how much Apple will give you for each type of phone, which are very different from each other if you look closely at the table that accompanies the following image.

As you can see, these are the maximum prices that the bitten apple gives you for your old mobile. Of the whole list, of course, the one that is worth the most is the iPhone 12 Pro Max for which they can give you no less than 715 euros at most. Of the rest of the iPhone 12 family, the one that has the least value is the Mini with its 415 euros, only 10 euros less than if you send your iPhone 11 Pro.

The funny thing is that the company still accepts even the model iPhone 6s and 6s Plus, for which they barely give 40 or 30 euros for the exchange. On the other hand, the company will not give you anything for bringing another mobile phone other than Apple, which will automatically recycle and you will have to pay the full amount of the iPhone 12 you have chosen.

At this point you have to assess whether or not it is worth taking advantage of the Trade In system so that Apple can give you money for your old iPhone since the differences are many. The same happens if you have an Android device, for whatever model it is, the figure will be 0 euros.

How Trade In works

The company specifies that they can give you money for your old mobile, but that depends on the circumstances. And is that If you want to benefit from Apple’s Trade In system, you just have to do the following:

  • Check the model you provide
  • Answer the questions to calculate the estimated value
  • Send the terminal to Apple through the kit that the firm provides you
  • Wait for confirmation of the signature
  • If so, you will receive the corresponding discount, otherwise follow the instructions in the email.


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