How Much Does the Engagement Ring that Christian Nodal gave Belinda Cost

Christian Nodal and Belinda

Ever since Christian Nodal announced that he was done with Belinda and that they would no longer marry, the questions surrounding the engagement ring have not ceased. There is a great possibility that Belinda will keep it, taking into account that this was a gift that the singer gave her without her supposedly asking for it. But, how much the engagement ring that Christian Nodal gave Belinda really costs, is the question everyone is asking right now, as well as the true cause of the end of the relationship.

Recall that it was said that Belinda allegedly asked Christian Nodal for money to pay some debts he has with the SAT and there is even talk of amounts amounting to millions. Same millions that say it costs the engagement ring that Christian Nodal gave him but, for sure it is not known very well, due to the discrepancies in history, the price of the ring.

When the ring came out to Christian Nodal, Belinda handed it to him and told him he wanted to spend the rest of his life with her, it was said to be 12 carats and cost $3 million. But later, a supposed designer who helped Nodal with the jewel said it was more.


Now apparently, Belinda could return the engagement ring to the store if she so chose. According to Showbiz, the policy of the company that sold the piece, Angel City Jewelers, the singer and ex of Christian Nodal, could return the jewel. However, it is not clear whether the money would be received by her or the one who paid it, in this case, Nodal. This was clarified by the brand’s own representative to the Mexican entertainment program Venga La Alegría.

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