How much does the protagonist of Ted Lasso make per episode

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How much does the protagonist of Ted Lasso make per episode

It seems incredible but despite having one of the best casts on current television, The Morning Show it was displaced on the platform it helped propel. Neither Jennifer Aniston, Steve Carell O Reese Witherspoon were enough for this fiction to be the most commented of Apple TV+. In the last few months, Ted Lasso became a sensation, with Jason Sudeikis to the head.

Jason Sudeikis, which became known worldwide thanks to what he did in Saturday Night Live, not only gives life to the protagonist of Ted Lasso it is also one of their creative minds. Screenwriters such as Brendan Hunt, Bill Lawrence and Joe Kelly. After its first installment, the fiction broke the record for nominations for the emmy for a new production, and will compete in twenty shortlists in total.

At the time, since Apple TV+ they were very optimistic about the future of Ted Lasso and, just five days after its debut on the platform, it was renewed for a second season. Now, the success was replicated with its new installment, which is in broadcast, so the company gave the green light to a new batch of episodes.

The second season began airing on July 23. (IMDb)

In the last days, Variety raised a report where he revealed how much he earned Jason Sudeikis. According to the information, the former actor of Saturday Night Live he received about $ 400,000 per episode in the first season. Not bad for a character who was born as part of a series of TV spots. NBC in the year 2013.

When The Morning Show Returns

Beyond that it is not the most commented series of Apple TV+, this does not detract any merit from The Morning Show, which arrived and managed to settle thanks to the strong theme it deals with. Focused on workplace bullying climates that, unfortunately, are common in an environment such as television, she had in Reese Witherspoon and Jennifer Aniston, its figures and producers, to two central axes.

A few weeks ago it was confirmed that the second season of The Morning Show It will begin airing on September 17. Like the first installment, it will be composed of ten episodes that will come to calm those who wait to see how this story continues since 2019.

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