How much Leonardo DiCaprio was paid for Titanic, what is his fortune now and how he spends it

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With The Revenant, Leonardo Dicaprio won his long awaited Oscar. The academy owed it to him for what was done in the great movie of Martin Scorsese, The wolf of Wall Street, and was eventually awarded it for the role in the movie Alejandro González Iñárritu. Regardless of the recognitions that he has received or not, the actor’s career is full of great titles, but if there is to mark a turning point in it, that was the role in Titanic.

In 1997, Leonardo Dicaprio he put himself in the shoes of Jack and headlined the tape of James Cameron next to Kate Winslet. According to Celebrity Net Worth, the actor signed his contract for 2.5 million dollars, but he did so with a very particular clause: 1.8% of what the film did at the box office would correspond to him. The result? In 1997, Titanic It became the highest grossing film in history and, added to what it collected from the sale of DVDs and its broadcast on television, it raised about 3 billion dollars of which 40 were for DiCaprio.

From this moment on, the contracts of DiCaprio They skyrocketed substantially and began signing deals that averaged $ 20 million. So it appeared in tapes like The Aviator, The Departed O Catch Me If You Can. The aforementioned site suggested that in the last 25 years the artist raised around 300 million dollars from his shoots.

Until the arrival of Avatar, Titanic was the highest grossing movie in history. (IMDb)

Leonardo DiCaprio’s investments

Thanks to the large sums of money that Leonardo Dicaprio he won throughout his career, he was able to make different investments. One of the strangest was the one he used to develop a vegan burger (Beyond Burger) that began to be marketed in 2019. But if we have to talk about its main expense, that is real estate. He is reported to have a dozen properties in Southern California, and in 2005 he invested $ 1.75 million in a private island in Belize where a decade later he built a sustainable luxury hotel.

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But the business life of Leonardo Dicaprio It is not only reduced to spending and investing, but it also has a supportive side. In 1998 he created the Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation, with which, according to the aforementioned site, it has raised about 80 million dollars, with the aim of protecting the environment. In addition, he donated a million dollars after the disaster of Hurricane Harvey in Haiti.

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