How much money Venus and Serena Williams have earned is estimated

It must be difficult that King Richard serve to introduce the two most important tennis players in the history of the sport. Those who go to see the new movie of Warner Bros. Pictures they probably know Venus and Serena Williams, even without being tennis devotees. It would be interesting to think about what percentage of viewers were only attracted by the presence of Will Smith on the poster and didn’t really know the athletes.

Since the mid-90s, Venus and Serena Williams they became unquestionable figures in world tennis. Between the two they have a large number of titles, but if we have to talk about Grand Slams, the most important tournaments, it is Serena the one that stands out with 23 over her sister who (barely?) is 7. For years trophies were distributed and they faced each other on several occasions, with a history that favored Serena, the youngest of the sisters, with a record of 18 to 12 against Venus.

In this context, you can think about how much money they made the williams sisters throughout their careers. Assuming that they were both part of a lower-middle-class family, in which their parents worked constantly and could barely pay for the equipment to go to train in the public courts of the city, the money accumulated in their careers still charges. More value.

Thanks to the tournaments he won Venus Since turning pro in 1994, with five Olympic medals to his credit, he has received a total of $ 42,280,541. In case of Serena is even more remarkable: the younger of the two sisters who dedicated themselves to this sport doubles what was done by Venus, with a total of $ 94,518,971 in his career.

What is king richard about

Directed by Reinaldo Green Marcus, King Richard arrived in Latin American theaters this Thursday (the Spanish public will have to wait until mid-January). The story, as the title says, focuses on Richard Williams, the father of the tennis sisters, who is played by Will Smith. However, he does not do it to tell his life story but the way in which he dedicated himself to forging a plan so that Venus and serena become professional athletes. Smith is a clear candidate for Oscar and the film will probably be nominated, because in addition to the message of perseverance it has a social content and a criticism of systemic racism that positions it as a favorite, at least, to be in the shortlist of nominees.

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