How much the heritage of the actors of La Casa de Papel has grown since the series premiered

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It is known that The Money Heist is a success in terms of the amount of spectators. It has already been 11 days since the premiere of the first volume of the fifth season in Netflix and yet, globally it remains at number four in the series more views. But … how does this translate to the box office figures? How much do the actors earn for each episode? In what way was the equity of the cast increased? Here we tell you everything!

Stand in 2017 is the key to understanding this unprecedented boom: in that year, the series had its first premiere in Antenna 3, the Spanish television network. But despite its huge investment in the first two seasons, it was eventually canceled. And, as is customary, the streaming giant arrived to rescue the jewel. The episodes were published on the platform of the red N and the furor soared.

Fans around the world began to support the series, getting production to resume with a great quality e additions to the cast. Until then, most actors earned the average salary of a Spanish citizen. Of course, figures with a long history like Paco Tous (Moscow) stood out above the rest, but for young people like Miguel Herrán (River) O Jaime Lorente (Denver), this marked the beginning of his career.

From the premiere of the series until today, it is estimated that the actors have accumulated at least $ 4 million. And it is that with the arrival of The Paper House on Netflix, your salary has increased to $ 100,000 per episode. Although it is a fortune, compared to other top international productions such as Grey’s Anatomy, it is even less than half the salary.

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But for the cast, which has literally gone from zero to one hundred, it is so much money that sometimes it goes out of control. It is not only about the episodes shot, but also each of them began to grow in social networks already work on advertisements for well known brands. In 2020, Miguel Herrán commented to El País: “I take money off Instagram obviously because you’re an asshole if you don’t take advantage of it. Right now prime time television has fewer viewers than the profile of Ester Exposito”.

Regarding everything he earns beyond the money in his bank account, he noted: “During the filming of Elite, Netflix even gave us two iPhones and two cameras to create content”. Everything seems wonderful, but whoever lives it may not feel it that way. “Money has not made me happy, it has taken away a lot of happiness, it has given me more worries than when I did not have it, it has made me more ambitious, has made me dirty as a person. I don’t value it”, Revealed the Spanish actor.

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