How much will Henry Cavill charge for The Witcher and Pedro Pascal for The Last of Us

Just as period series became a worldwide phenomenon, so did video game adaptations. That is why Netflix and HBO did not miss the opportunity to bet heavily on productions such as The Witcher and The Last of Us. Starring Henry Cavill and Pedro Pascal, respectively, the two strips are already considered the most ambitious.

In fact, Variety magazine was the one that confirmed that The Witcher and The Last of Us they are two of the biggest adaptations to the small screen. This is because, through their last publication, they reported who are the highest paid television actors today and in it appear Henry Cavill and Pedro Pascal. Know the exact figure.

How much does Pedro Pascal charge for The Last of Us:

Preceded by his success in The Mandalorian, Pascal will now play Joel in The Last of Us, one of the most spectacular and long-awaited adaptations. It will be only in 2022 when this series is released for the first time, but even so, this does not prevent the actor from already having clear the amount he will charge.

Pedro Pascal will take a large sum. Photo: (Getty)

And, according to Variety, Pedro will take $ 600,000 per episode, that is, about $ 6 million in total. This indicates that he will charge less than the protagonist of Breaking Bad, Bryan Cranston, or the cast of the reboot of Sex in New York with Sarah Jessica Parker at the helm. Although, it does beat, for example, everyone who makes up the team of Stranger Things.

How much will Henry Cavill charge for The Witcher:

For his part, Henry Cavill is just a few points lower than Pedro Pascal. According to Variety, the actor who will return to play Geralt de Rivia in the second season of The Witcher, it took away $ 400,000 per episode. These new eight chapters, which will premiere on Netflix on December 17, will bring “new stories, new monsters and much more mayhem”.

Henry Cavill as Geralt of Rivia.  Photo: (Netflix)

Henry Cavill as Geralt of Rivia. Photo: (Netflix)

That is, the hard work and training that Cavill had for this new installment left him a total of 3,200,000 million dollars. A figure that, without a doubt, places it among one of the most expensive and best paid players in the industry.

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