How My Canine Companions Became My Guardian Angels: A Story of Survival

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James Middleton: My Dogs Saved my Life!

Credit: Bang Showbiz

The younger brother of Catherine, Princess of Wales, James Middleton, has revealed that his relationship with his dogs helped save his life. James, who serves as an ambassador for the charity Pets as Therapy, talked about how his late dog, Ella, played a crucial role in helping him battle his serious mental health issues.

The Role of Dogs in His Recovery

In an interview with OK! magazine, James spoke about how his dog, Ella, became his reason to get up in the morning and get dressed, even if it was pouring with rain. He said that walking outside for just 10-15 minutes with Ella would help him forget about what was traumatizing him, and he would feel better.

“It’s still a challenge to talk about, but the role that my dogs played was instrumental in my recovery and rehabilitation,” he said.

Tilly, His First Dog

James also recalled his first dog, Tilly, who provided him a lot of comfort, particularly when he was a teenager. He shared that Tilly knew all his secrets at that time, the people he liked and all the difficult parts that come with growing up that he never shared with anyone.

The Role Dogs Play

James firmly believes that dogs play an important role in a person’s well-being and mental health. In an Instagram post, he once wrote, “Dogs are great ambassadors for Mental Health – devoted, unconditional, non-judgmental and never fail to put a smile on your face.”

The Passing of Ella

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Ella, his black spaniel, passed away in January this year at the age of 15 after a brief illness, but her memories will always stay with him. He shared that she knew he wasn’t functioning properly and always tried to give him little encouraging signs to take care of himself because he had a responsibility to take care of her.

“I think they played such an important role to the point where I think they saved my life,” he said regarding the role that his dogs played in his life.

The Importance of Pets as Therapy

The charity Pets as Therapy, for whom James serves as an ambassador, provides therapeutic visits to hospitals, hospices, care homes and schools to enhance health and wellbeing. The organization has more than 6,000 registered animals who help bring smiles to people’s faces.

“They bring their four-legged magic to those who need it most, and the impact of their visits is simply incredible,” James wrote on Instagram in February this year.

Through his advocacy work with Pets as Therapy, James hopes to raise awareness about the important role dogs play in a person’s life and how they can help save lives, just like they did in his case.

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