How old is Danielle Cohn? What’s The Buzz Behind the TikToker’s Age?

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Who had thought that a social media platform like TikTok would make you a stalwart?

This dream did come true for Danielle Cohn. The successful TikTok star and influencer have amassed waves of fans since breaking out on the previously called The confusion still surrounds them while her fans try to figure out the star’s age.

Danielle Cohn got her major break from the predecessor of TikTok, She expanded her fandom on other social media platforms, including Instagram and YouTube. It would not be wrong to say that she has taken the music industry by storm. Her journey includes many wild turns, and we try to unfold it through this article.

Here’s everything about Danielle Cohn and the controversy surrounding her age.

Who is Danielle Cohn?

Danielle Cohn is one of the most successful YouTube and TikTok megastars. At present, she is also killing it in the music industry. She first tried to establish connections on the social media platform and had her fan base following her. From beginning with an irrelevant Dubsmash video to creating her very own music, the artist has had quite a journey in the world of social media.

How old is Danielle Cohn? What’s The Buzz Behind the TikToker’s Age?

The TikTok star is a native of Florida. When she made big on, her family shifted to Los Angeles to help their daughter build her a bigger career. After joining the social media platform, she started getting requests from sponsored videos on the site for $400 to $500 each. Her mother ended up quitting her job and became her manager to help Danielle climb the pinnacle of her career.

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Her passion for music and hunger for stardom made Danielle release her own music.

The Controversy Surrounding Danielle Cohn’s Age

There has been many discussions regarding the age of the star. While the celebrity maintains that she was born in 2004, one of the images of her leaked birth certificates reveals that Danielle was born two years later, in 2006. Her father claimed that the daughter is hiding her age and is 16 years old as of 2022, but Danielle seems to be resting her case. She calls herself 18.

Danielle’s father even came forward on the social media platform and set the record straight on his Facebook Page. In August 2020, he revealed that Danielle was 14. He also stated that he never liked his daughter being on social media platforms, especially when she started at a young age.

How old is Danielle Cohn? What’s The Buzz Behind the TikToker’s Age?

The speculation regarding the TikTok star’s age continued throughout her relationship with Mikey Tua. The duo started seeing each other in 2018 and gained immense attention from their 2019 video series that featured the couple in Las Vegas and showed that the couple was married.

Was Daniella Married to Mikey?

Danielle’s mother shunned the video and claimed that the ceremony was faked for clickbait. Things did not work out well between the couple, and they parted ways in 2019, after Tua’s parents stepped into the matter. The matter was serious. According to Cohn’s YouTube channel, Danielle was pregnant. However, it turned out that the duo faked her pregnancy.

How old is Danielle Cohn? What’s The Buzz Behind the TikToker’s Age?

The Pride Month Controversy

The controversies seem not to be leaving Danielle’s side. Another one popped up during Pride Month in 2021 when the star came out as pansexual. She posted a few pictures and captions and extended her support to LGBTQ members. She also encouraged her fans never to be ashamed of who they love. Although she is a pansexual, she is often linked to boys. The fans weren’t very flattered by her coming out, and she received a lot of flak.

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What is Danielle’s Net Worth?

Since the star started working at such a young age, you can expect her to be a millionaire. Danielle Cohn’s net worth extends to a $2 million account. It is all the money that the social media star has accumulated from different sources – her songs, social media posts, and partnerships.

Lesser Known Facts about Danielle Cohn that You Didn’t Know

While the actual age of Danielle Cohn remains a subject of debate, here are the other lesser-known things about the celebrity that you should know.

Danielle Loves Pranking Around

Danielle Cohn is a queen of pranks. You might have seen it yourself when she released a video with her then-boyfriend, Mikey, on YouTube and titled it WE ARE EXPECTING. Not only this, she even posted a photo showing Tua kissing her stomach on Instagram. She posted other details of her fake pregnancy, including her due date and baby bump.

How old is Danielle Cohn? What’s The Buzz Behind the TikToker’s Age?

Danielle Was Crowned Miss Florida Junior Preteen Queen

The social media celebrity has entered numerous beauty pageants, one of which includes the Miss Florida Junior Preteen Competition in 2013, 2014, and 2015. In the first year, Danielle secured the first position. In the upcoming year, she came in second place. Finally, when she appeared in 2015, she was crowned the title.

She Owns an Online Store

The achievements made by Danielle at such a young age are remarkable. She has her own online store called Danielle Cohn Store. The e-commerce platform sells everything ranging from cell phone cases to apparel. She looks forward to diversifying her sources of income even more.

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Danielle Loves Sports

Danielle Cohn is not just a fan of music but sports too. She is fond of watching as well as participating in sports. When she was in school, she was a cheerleader. In one of her interviews, she stated that her favorite sport is football.

Besides this, the actress likes watching series, especially Pretty Little Lies.

A Bitter-Sweet Father-Daughter Relationship

Danielle’s parents are no longer together. Moreover, she shares a turbulent relationship with her father. She once stated that her father kicked her out of the home. At the same time, she reveals that it was her father’s idea that inspired her to start uploading her music videos.

Her father often keeps blaming his ex-wife Jen for allowing it to happen and encouraging inappropriate behavior of their daughter. Both Jen and Danielle would turn a blind eye to what her father said.

She Represents Many Brands

Besides having her website, Danielle represents some well-known brands. Her modeling career has equally helped her reach where she is. Danielle has represented many brands, including Juicy Couture Clothing and Lisa B. Jewelry.

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