How Old is Eri and When is Her Birthday?

Eri, the main character from the anime/ manga series My Hero Academia, was originally presented when she was just six years old. Let’s have a look at all the interesting facts about Eri. 

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How old is Eri?

During the Shie Hassaikai arc, Eri was originally revealed as Chisaki Kai’s “daughter.” When her mutant Quirk emerged, her mother, the daughter of a yakuza chief, abandoned her and left her in the care of her grandfather. Her tragic past didn’t reveal her age right immediately, but Eri’s mannerisms and attitude made it clear that she was in her early twenties. Eri’s grandfather entrusted her to Overhaul because their Quirks appeared to be similar, and it’s unclear how long she was in his care. Although the exact timeframe for Eri’s early years is unknown, it is revealed in Eri’s character description that Eri was only 6 years old, and she is now nearly 7 years old in 2022.

When does Eri celebrate her birthday?

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Birthdays aren’t celebrated in My Hero Academia with much fanfare in-universe, although each character is given one in their profile. Eri was born on December 21, making her a Sagittarius. The year of her birth is never specified, which is understandable given that MHA has never revealed the year in which the novel is set.

What’s Eri’s Personality Like?

Eri was a petite, young girl with pale bluish, off-white hair that was disheveled and unkempt when she first appeared in the anime. Her beautiful red eyes were large and innocent-looking. She also had a little brown horn protruding from the top of her head, which became larger when her Rewind Quirk was triggered. She was wearing a basic, short-sleeved dress when we first saw her on the broadcast. Eri’s legs and arms have bandages wrapped around them. She used to hide her scars, which were the result of Overhaul’s disassembly and reassembly trials.

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Eri wore a white dress shirt with frilled collars and two enormous golden buttons on her breast when she was rescued, along with grey tights and tan boots. She used to wear a messenger bag on her right shoulder with a strap. She began to style her hair properly, and they appeared to be in better condition.

What Kind of Person Was Eri?

Eri became a reclusive and terrified girl when she inadvertently killed her father and her mother disowned her, which she was exposed to by Kai Chisaki. When homicidal intents were thrown at her, she didn’t cry or scream. Izuko’s touch was apparently the first time Eri broke down in tears.

Kai convinced Eri that her entire existence was designed to harm those around her. As a result, Eri voluntarily agreed to accompany Kai in order to protect the people. That’s why she couldn’t grin even after being rescued by the U.A. School Festival. She smiled for the first time and acknowledged her delight just after the class 1-A band performance. Eri became happier as a result of this occurrence.

What kind of superpower does Eri possess?

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Eri’s Quirk is dubbed ‘Rewind’ in My Hero Academia. She can use this skill to rewind a person’s body to a specific state. That suggests she had the ability to turn back time before the body was wounded. Her Quirk, which allows her to rewind the human body, was more potent than the others. She possessed sufficient power to completely remove someone from existence. She mistakenly removed her father from existence as an example of her uncontrollable power.

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What causes Eri to succumb to Kai’s sway?

Eri’s grandpa was the 8th precepts of death’s former head of the Yakuza. She mistakenly used her power on her father when she was very young, causing his body to rewind until he vanished. Eri’s mother was terrified of her because she acquired this power from neither of her parents. She began to consider her a curse and handed Eri over to her grandfather.

Eri’s grandfather enlisted the help of one of his pupils, Kai Chisaki, to investigate Eri’s peculiarity so that she may make friends with people who had her superpowers. When Eri’s grandfather fell ill and was confined to his bed, Kai began creating bullets out of Eri’s blood and selling them to the villains. Eri attempted to flee Kai’s torture several times but failed each time. Eri eventually came to terms with her fate.

How old is Eri in 2022?

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Despite the fact that My Hero Academia has been running for nearly eight years, all of the events that have occurred since Midoriya Izuku first met All Might have occurred in a little over a year. Eri made her first appearance in Chapter 128 “Boy Meets…” on February 27, 2017. Eri would turn 11 in 2022 if she is aged as she would in the real world, but her in-universe age should be significantly younger.

Eri’s current age hasn’t been stated, but considering the timeline of events since her rescue, it should be easy to predict. It’s safe to believe Eri was 6 years old when the raid on the Shie Hassaikai base took place in the middle to late summer. It’s been a long time since she was given permission to live freely within UA. Eri has been encouraged to interact with other UA students, and she has even joined Class 1-A for their Christmas party on one occasion. We can assume Eri had another birthday after her rescue because Christmas falls just a few days after her birthday on Dec. 21, and she is now 7 years old in the plot.

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