How old is Flynn Rider?

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How old is Flynn Rider?

Tangled by Disney became one of the most popular movies of recent times. It was a modern take on the classic fairy tale story Rapunzel with the introduction of Flynn Rider as the hero. Flynn, a thief and a con man manages to become the real Prince and the hero of the story with his bravery and good heart. Flynn Rider, aka Eugene Fitzherbert, is still popular due to his comedic charm and caring heart. But, the movie does not explicitly mention his looks or height. So, how old is Flynn Rider in the movie “Tangled”? Let’s check out his age and other related facts.

Flynn Rider in the movie Tangled

How old is Flynn Rider?

If you have already watched the movie: ‘Tangled”, you know that Flynn or Eugene does not mention his age anywhere in the movie. But, if you check out his character’s physics and looks, it seems he is a bit older than the heroine Rapunzel. It seems that he is in his twenties.

That is confirmed in the season two sequel series “Tangled” The Series.” During that time, Eugene was twenty-five years old. He is twenty-six years old and in the third season of the show. The Tangled movie happened three years before the series’ first season began. That means Eugene or Flynn was twenty-three years old during the movie’s timeline.

Eugene, aka Flynn’s life through the Tangled timeline

Flynn, aka Eugene, is the only son of King Edmund of the Dark kingdom, which was corrupt [ted by the dark opal. It happened twenty-six years before the third season of the tangled series began. At that time, our beloved Eugene was only a few months old.

The kingdom was in ruins, and King Edmund decided to evacuate all the citizens and common people from the kingdom. Eugene was given to a maidservant who fled with the Prince. In the meantime, his mother also died. The maidservant took Eugene and gave him away to an orphanage as she could no longer properly raise the child.

Flynn aka Prince Eugene when he was a baby

Hence, Eugene did not have any knowledge about his royal lineage. He believed that his parents were adventurous and desired to become one. It was probably the time when he took the name Flynn Rider. He became a thief and was stealing and conning people happy with his talking horse.

Flynn meets Rapunzel accidentally when he is twenty-three or twenty-two years old and slowly becomes her lover at the end of the movie. He also relates to the Corona kingdom with Rapunzel and tries to forge a bond with the king and the rest of the royals.

But the story starts to change after “Tangled: The Series’ ‘ begins. In season three, when Eugene, Rapunzel, and Cassandra journeys together to find the black moonstone, he gets separated from the team and eventually discovers his true life and lineage. He becomes confused as he once believed that his parents were adventurers.

Later in season three, King Edmund comes to Corona and gives a sash to Eugene to mark his lineage and acknowledge his son. Eugene first ignores the king’s advance to bond and remains hostile. But he slowly becomes closer to his father as they begin an adventure to find the stolen sash. He is twenty-five years old at this time.

Flynn aka Eugeen with his father King Edmund

In the final season, Eugene is twenty-six years old and is appointed as the captain of the Royal Guards of Corona and prepares to fight Cassandra. He successfully defeats her and ties the knot with Rapunzel. It is also revealed that he now acknowledges himself as the Prince of the dark kingdom while becoming the captain of the royal guard.

Flynn Rider’s physical features at a glance

Flynn Rider, aka Eugene, appears as a strong athletic man of average height. He has short dark brown hair with a scruffy goatee. He has light brown eyes and a medium to fair skin tone.

Flynn Rider details at a glance

Real nameEugene Fitzherbert 
AliasesFlynn Rider, Mr. Ride, Rider, Fancy Pants, Foitzherjerk, Tiger, etc
OccupationA thief(former), Prince of ark kingdom, Guard Instructor(Former), Captain of the Corona Royal Guards
HomeThe Dark Kingdom(birthplace), Corona(Present)
FatherKing Edmund
MotherQueen of the dark kingdom(deceased)
Father in LawKing Frederick
Mother in LawQueen Arianna
Powers and abilityExcellent swordsmanship and combatant, agility and athleticism


Flynn Rider, aka Eugene, is probably one of those fairytale characters with some of the most dramatic and positive character development. He starts as a twenty-two or twenty-three years old thief and becomes the rescuer of Princess Rapunzel. Later he starts protecting the Corona kingdom and marries his lady love Rapunzel at the age of twenty-six. In the meantime, he also discovers his royal lineage. Flynn slowly becomes a mature and brave heart with responsibilities from a straightforward, happy-go-lucky thief. If you want to know more about him, keep a tab here!

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