How Old Is Goku in Every Dragon Ball Series?

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Goku is the main protagonist and most popular character in the Dragon Ball franchise. We first meet Goku as a toddler when he arrives on Earth after fleeing the planet Vegeta just before it is destroyed. Bulma, a teenage girl in search of the Dragon Balls, discovers Goku upon his arrival. 

Over the course of the series and its sequels, Dragon Ball Z and Super Dragon Ball Z, Goku develops into one of the most competent fighters in the universe, employing his Saiyan abilities to defeat a wide range of opponents. The age of Goku. We know he was 11 years old when he was first discovered by Bulma, but with the time skips and occasional time-traveling exploits in the series, we can’t be sure.

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Since 1984, Dragon Ball fans have watched Son Goku grow and mature. Goku appears as the protagonist in the manga’s anime adaptations (Dragon Ball and Dragon Ball Z), as well as most series (Dragon Ball GT, Dragon Ball Super), movies, TV shows, and OVAs based on the manga, and several video game franchises. Goku has grown from a rowdy toddler in the original Dragon Ball series to one of the most powerful beings in the Dragon Ball Super universe. It’s difficult to keep track of Goku’s age when there are so many plot arcs and timelines to follow. The age of Goku at the end of each Dragon Ball series will be discussed in this page.

In Dragon Ball, how old is Son Goku?

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Goku’s voyage begins when he is 11 years old, joined by Bulma and later by his other companions. He is 12 years old at the time of his defeat in the 21st World Martial Arts Tournament. He was 15 years old when he lost at the 22nd World Martial Arts Tournament, and he was 18 years old when he entered the 23rd World Martial Arts Tournament. 

Canon Goku’s age has evolved dramatically over the course of the Dragon Ball universe’s more than 30 years of storytelling. Throughout this time, the franchise has transported Cyan Heroes and Z-Warriors to King Kai’s planet in various locations. The original Dragon Ball focuses on the exploits of a young Goku, but Dragon Ball Z takes place later in Goku’s life when the character starts his own family with Chi-Chi and Gohan.

In Dragon Ball Z, how old is Son Goku?

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Five years have elapsed since the end of Dragon Ball, making Goku 23 years old and the father of a five-year-old son called Gohan at the start of Dragon Ball Z. Goku dedicates his life to murdering Piccolo once and for all after learning about his actual Cyan tradition from his long-lost wicked brother Raditz. While Raditz’s superiors Vegeta and the Jade Fighters prepare for Nappa’s arrival on Earth, Goku prepares for the afterlife. He was resurrected thanks to the Dragon Ball. When Goku assists in the retrieval of Vegeta from Earth, he is physically 23 years old but chronologically 24 years old.

Goku spends three years with the Z Fighters after fighting Frizza, preparing for the coming of Android, which was foreseen by the trunks of alternative futures. Goku is 26 years old physically and 27 years old chronologically at this point. Recognizing the gravity of the issue, Goku and Gohan train in a hyperbolic time chamber – a chamber in a celestial watchtower that is unaffected by time in the outer world – to grow completely 27 years old physically and chronologically in order to face cell in cell games. Goku is on the rise.

Goku died seven years before his last resurrection by Elder Kai to defeat Majin in the chest after sacrificing himself against the cell to rescue the world. Goku was permanently 34 years old at the time of Bu’s defeat, despite the fact that he was still 27 years old physically. Goku is now 37 years old physically and chronologically 44 years old after ten years of jumping experience, while Vegeta further points out that the aging of cyan slows down when they hit their physical head to battle longer and more efficiently.

In Dragon Ball Super, how old is Goku?

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Between the defeat of Mazin Bu at the end of Dragon Ball Z and the subsequent conclusion of Dragon Ball Super, it took ten years to complete. Goku was 31 years old physically but 38 years old psychologically when the Super Time Jump began over four years ago. Goku and Vegeta train for a year under Bears and Whiskers after the series begins before the events that will lead them to the finish of the story occur.

Goku is 32 years old physically and 39 years old psychologically at the end of the anime series and sequel animated feature Dragon Ball Super: Towards the end of Broly, Goku is 32 years old physically and 39 years old psychologically. Despite the fact that there is a manga sequel to the series following the Broly event and the end of the anime, the actual number of years that have gone by is unknown. However, because Z has yet to be completed, Goku has not yet reached the age of 40 — at least not physically.

In Dragon Ball GT, how old is Goku?

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Dragon Ball was released before the GT Super and resides in its own chronology, five years after the conclusion of Dragon Ball Z, despite the fact that it is not officially Canon. At the start of the Goku series, he is in the body of his 42-year-old self, who is now 49 years old. However, due to Emperor Pilaf’s unintentional usage of the dragon ball, he swiftly reverted to his 11-year-old physique. 

Goku remains in this form for the rest of the series, ending it as a 51-year-old man of 13 years. Fortunately, he reverts to his former form at the end of the series after uniting with the Eternal Dragon. However, because this will occur in the next century, Goku will be a 151-year-old man when he can return to his corporeal state.

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