How Old is Queen Elizabeth and When is her Birthday? 

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Queen Elizabeth II

Being the longest-reigning monarch in history is not an easy job. But, our beloved Queen Elizabeth II has managed to rule for 75 years straight! She has experienced world wars, economic crises, and prosperity again in her life. People are eagerly waiting for her 95th birthday to celebrate her long reign. Being a queen after the 80 age mark is not an easy feat. However, she deserves a lot of applause for managing her state duties perfectly. This article will learn some interesting facts related to Queen Elizabeth II birthday and her age.

Queen Elizabeth on 5th February, 2022

How old is Queen Elizabeth II?

At this moment, her age is 95 years. Due to her age, she has become the oldest reigning British monarch. On top of that, Her royal highness is alo the longest-reigning female monarch in the world. Despite her age, she seems pretty active and is often seen in many essential state functions!

Princess Elizabeth being introduced to teh Public after her birth

This year Queen Elizabeth II birthday will be celebrated on June 2. However, the British government has decided to dedicate the four-day celebration from July 2, 2022, to July 5, 2022.

When is the birthday of Queen Elizabeth?

Her royal highness has not one but two birthdays. She has her actual birthdate and her “official birthday”. The latter is for celebratory holidays and all celebrations. She was born on April 21, 1926. But, officially celebrates her birthday on June 2 every year.

Her official day is also important in her life and her reign. When Elizabeth was just a 25-year-old woman, she had to take the royal duties after her father; King George VI, died suddenly. So even though she resumed her official royal duty in February 1952,

. However, the coronation was postponed due to the mourning of King George VI. Instead, she was officially crowned as the Queen of the British Empire on June 2, 1953. Elizabeth II was 27 years old when her coronation took place. Hosting the coronation during the mourning period was inappropriate, and hence Elizabeth officially took the Crown after the mourning period ended.

The Queen Elizabeth and Prince Phillip after the coronation ceremony

On July 2, Princess Elizabeth became Queen. Elizabeth II also took an oath to become the sovereign of the British Commonwealth. In other words, on this day, she was reborn as a ruler who decided to serve and protect the commonwealth with her duties. Hence, the Queen Elizabeth IIchose this day as her official Birthday.

Why does Queen Elizabeth II have two birthdays?

 Having two birthdays is quite uncommon for many royal families, except the British royal family. The trend of having two birthdays started with King George. He first combined the annual summer military march and his birthday celebration in1748. The tradition continues from that year, and every monarch after King Geoge II has followed suit.

The main reason behind this custom is the unpredictable British weather. King George II had his birthday in November. This month, England usually has a cold climate with some unpredicted rainfalls. Therefore, it was not a convenient time to hold the celebratory parade. Hence, King George II decided to introduce the Official birthday during the summer. He also started the military parade called Trooping colour, which continues to this day.

How will Queen Elizabeth celebrate her birthday?

 Queen Elizabeth II is a private person and usually prefers to celebrate her actual birthday with her close family members in Windsor Castle. However, she attends the state festivities during her Official birthday.

On this day, she receives a pageantry parade from her personal troops, Horse Guards and the Household division. This special parade is known as “Trooping colour”.The troop consisting of 200 horses, 400 musicians, and 1400 soldiers form the “Trooping colours” that take part in the parade every year.

Trooping Colours parade on 2021

 The Queen arrives on a carriage and inspects the troop. After that, the salutation starts. It greets the Queen with 62 gun salutes at the Tower of London, a 41-gun salute at Hyde Park, 21-gun salute at Windsor Great Park. The parade starts from Buckingham Palace, her official residence. After moving around along the Mall area, Whitehall and Downing Street, it returns to this castle. Common UK citizens also celebrate their birthday with Union Jacks and gather in Buckingham palace to watch the parade and congratulate their Queen.

The royal family also gathers around the balcony of Buckingham Palace to wave at the revellers and the band during the whole parade.

The Queen Elizabeth II with the royal family during the celebration of her 70th reign anniversery

In 2021, this celebration was closed due to the Covid pandemic. Her royal highness was accompanied by her cousin, the Duke of Kent, during the parade. She also received only 41 gun salutes the previous year. Additionally, the royal family is also mourning the death of Prince Phillip, who died at the age of 99. Hence, the celebration remained private.

The trooping colour parade will be held again in a toned-down manner as the world is still recovering from the Covid pandemic and its aftershock.

On top of that, the Queen has also shifted from Buckingham palace and has made Windsor Castle her present home. Hence, there can be some initial changes in the parade places and the routes. But, the government has already announced a royal bash to mark the Silver jubilee of her coronation in 2022. Hence, a four-day holiday will start from July 2, 2022 to mark her reign.

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