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How Our Consumption of Entertainment Has Changed Over the Decades

How Our Consumption of Entertainment Has Changed Over the Decades

As the world has been changing so have the ways we entertain ourselves. The world of entertainment is mostly digital nowadays, though not entirely. There are still people that respect analog and like going old-school when it’s time to have some fun. So, don’t be surprised to see people playing games outside and enjoying themselves.

The digital world of today has entertainment at the click of a button. All you need is a device that can connect to the Internet, and you’re done. You can do so via your PC or your smartphone or tablet. Hell, even TVs can connect to the net nowadays. Gamers can enjoy a bunch of games online. They can go for MMORPGs, sites that offer 2D platformers, or go for casino games on sites that offer those kinds of games. In other words, the world of entertainment has changed a lot.

How It Used to Be

Back in the day, you’d need a TV to watch a show or a movie. The film needed to have a premiere at a theatre before you saw it on TV. Movies were pretty difficult to make because they involved coordinating lots of people and they needed big budgets. It was a new industry at the time, and it took time for films to be made and released.

They were shown on black and white TVs. The color was introduced, and films and TV shows started getting more creative and realistic. When technology took a turn, people got introduced to video players and VHS tapes. When you bought one, then you could watch was on it as much as you wanted. VHS tapes were replaced by CDs, and they were replaced by the next best thing.

Gaming was different back in the day as consoles were much more popular than they are nowadays. Nintendo was the most popular one back in the day. But Xbox and PlayStation caught on to this trend. And when the PC was introduced both waned in popularity. The visuals weren’t great, but the games were better because they were created by developers that loved doing their jobs and would enjoy the games they created. As time went by, visuals improved drastically, and gaming became more popular online than offline. The changes in technology changed the way we wanted things which is why we’ve got the digital world of entertainment today.

The Way It Is Today

With thousands of platforms available today people could easily choose a bunch of films and TV shows. Moreover, different platforms have different films and TV shows to offer so people might need to subscribe to multiple ones to watch their favorite shows.

When it comes to the world of gaming, it’s mostly online nowadays as gaming has turned from a hobby to a profession with the rise of e-sports tournaments. Single-player games are still doing well, but the best ones are developed by indie development studios instead of established ones. It’s all digital now. And virtual reality is just around the corner.

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