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Santiago Peña is elected President of Paraguay

The candidate of the ruling Colorado Party, Santiago Peña, has been proclaimed as the new President-elect of Paraguay with 42.93% of the votes, according to the provisional results of the Superior Court of Electoral Justice (TSJE). In the recently-concluded election, he defeated his rival liberal opposition Efraín Alegre, who received 27.52% of the votes.

With 94.74% of the tables processed and a participation of 63.11%, Peña and his running mate Pedro Alliana got 1,255,104 votes, compared to 785,338 votes garnered by Alegre. The election was held in a single round.

Paraguayan people praised for their civic maturity and democratic conviction

The president of the TSJE, Jorge Bogarín, complimented the Paraguayan people for their democratic conviction and civic maturity. The preliminary electoral results transmission system (TREP) of the electoral entity disclosed that the independent candidate and anti-establishment Paraguayan Cubas was in third place, receiving 22.73% of the votes, equivalent to 648,761 votes.

The recent election in Paraguay saw almost 4.8 million citizens participating to elect Senators, Deputies, Governors and Councilors. In the Upper House, the Colorado Party-National Republican Association (ANR) secured a majority of 43.75%, totaling 1,275,277 votes, while the Alianza de Senadores por la Patria received 678,849 votes (23.29%) and the National Patriotic Alliance gained 0.81%.

Coloradism dominates in the election of governors

In the recent election, the ruling party’s Coloradism also dominated in the election of governors, conquering fifteen of the seventeen departments contested.

The election was conducted smoothly, with the Paraguayan people showing their appreciation for the democratic process through their high level of participation. The election saw the emergence of new faces in the political arena, showing that the democratic process in Paraguay is thriving.

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