How Shonda Rhimes was inspired to create Grey’s Anatomy

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Grey’s Anatomy is a brand recognized within the industry as one of the best medical series ever. 17 seasons and an 18 on the way sign a success that has already passed generations. Where did that name that is so famous today come from? Shonda Rhimes, its creator, was inspired by a book to name his hit show. Look!

The 51-year-old producer also debuted as a writer in the film. Blossoms and veils 1998 and from there he forged an impressive career. In 2005 he created his own company called Shondaland and gave rise to his first great creation: Grey’s Anatomy. Over time the company expanded and led to events such as Private Practice, Scandal, Station 19 y Bridgerton.

What inspired Shonda Rhimes to create Grey’s Anatomy (Getty)

But nevertheless, It all started with the show starring Ellen Pompeo. Shonda was already a fan of the series and had concerns about medicine. In fact, a book was his inspiration for the name of the show. Is about Gray’s Anatomy, a publication that saw the light in the United Kingdom in 1858 written by the doctor Henry Gray.

Gray’s Anatomy (BBC)

The work is recognized as a classic of its genre for its concepts of anatomy. They even call her “the bible of anatomy”. Its author died just three years after launching the book, but had 41 more versions edited by other professionals. Gray’s Anatomy also had references in other famous productions such as The Simpson, The Walking Dead y La Familia Addams, among other.

In addition to the name, Rhimes argued in a statement to Oprah in 2006 that her approach to medicine also had to do with documentaries. I was obsessed with surgery channels. My sisters and I would call each other and talk about the operations we had seen in Discovery Channel. There is something fascinating in the medical world. You see things that you would never have imagined, such as that doctors talk about their boyfriends or girlfriends or their day while they are opening some part of someone’s body. Therefore, when ABC asked me to write a pilot episode, it looked like the natural environment“, he asserted.


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