How Tall Is Zendaya? Is She Taller Than Tom Holland?

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When a celebrity’s genuine height is revealed, particularly concerning some of their on-screen co-stars, it can occasionally be confusing. Movie makers will go to tremendous measures to distort the truth about that circumstance, as has occasionally happened when comparing Zendaya’s height to Tom Holland’s height. 

It makes sense that Zendaya’s height would be brought up in the discussion given her fame and involvement in one of the year’s most talked-about television shows as well as one of the biggest movies.

Here is all the information about Zendaya and her height.

Who is Zendaya?

How Tall Is Zendaya

Zendaya Maree Stoermer Coleman is an actress and singer from America. She has won several honors, including two Primetime Emmys. She appeared in the yearly list of the 100 most significant people in the world published by Time magazine in 2022. 

Born and brought up in Oakland, California, Zendaya began her professional life as a child model and backup dancer. She made her television debut in the role of Rocky Blue on the Disney Channel sitcom Shake It Up (2010–2013), and she subsequently played the show’s title character in K.C. Undercover (2015–2018). She made her feature film debut in 2017’s Spider-Man: Homecoming, and went on to star in the sequels.

The HBO teen drama series Euphoria (2019–present), in which Zendaya starred as drug-addicted teenager Rue Bennett, made her the youngest person to win two Primetime Emmy Awards for Outstanding Lead Actress in a Drama Series. Her roles in movies include those in the 2017 musical The Greatest Showman, the 2021 love story Malcolm & Marie, and the 2017 science fiction blockbuster Dune (2021). 

In addition to her acting career, Zendaya has also explored a music career. 2011 saw the release of her singles “Watch Me,” a collaboration with Bella Thorne, and “Swag It Out.” 2012 saw her signing with Hollywood Records. 

Her self-titled debut studio album (2013) saw a mediocre amount of popularity. The main single from the album, “Replay,” made it to the top 40 of the American Billboard Hot 100 chart.

In 2018, Zendaya’s song “Rewrite the Stars,” a collaboration with Zac Efron from the soundtrack of The Greatest Showman, became her biggest commercial triumph as a musician. The song got multi-platinum sales certifications worldwide and peaked in the top 20 of various record charts.

How Tall is Zendaya?

Zendaya Coleman is 177 cm (5 feet 10 inches) tall and weighs about 59 kg (about 130 pounds). To stay active, healthy, and fit, Zendaya continues to consume a nutritious diet that enables her to eat in moderation while maintaining flexibility. 

Animal-loving since childhood, Zendaya Coleman converted to veganism at a young age. Ramen noodles, garlic bread, fries, and pizza are among Zendaya’s other favorite foods. Her favorite ice cream is Coffee Haagen Dazs.

How Did Zendaya Get Famous?

How Tall Is Zendaya

Famous model Zendaya Coleman was conceived in Oakland, California, by parents with Scottish, English, German, Irish, American, and African ancestry. Everyone adores Zendaya Coleman for her charm and elegant demeanor. She is a stunning woman with blazing confidence. 

Everyone is swooning about Zendaya’s career ascent to stardom. She has accomplished a lot personally, and her ladylike demeanor and acting style have helped her gain prominent jobs in the industry. 

Due to her involvement in plays and the fact that she was born and bred as a performer, Zendaya has developed into a modern-day superstar. She started her professional career as a child model and was cast in “Shake it Up,” her first television programme. 

In addition, Zendaya Coleman is best recognised for playing Fern in the 2011 movie “Pixie Hollow Games.” She later played the role of MJ in Marvel’s Spiderman series in 2017. 

She received many compliments for her portrayal of MJ, which was well deserved by the audience. She also won several awards for best actress. In addition, Zendaya is highly known for her support of the feminist movement, charity work, and HIV/AIDS awareness.

How did Zendaya start her Career?

The actress did not initially intend to pursue acting as a career. She began working for Macy’s, Old Navy, and Mervyns as a fashion model. She also appeared in an iCardy toys commercial and appeared in several more commercials as a backup dancer, including one for Sears that starred Selena Gomes. 

Additionally, Zendaya appeared in the Kidz Bop song “Hot n Cold” music video as a featured performer. She participated in numerous auditions for various roles, dancing routines, and other things. She joined the cast of Dance Dance Chicago in November 2009; the show was eventually renamed Shake It Up!

In 2016’s Spider-Man Homecoming, the actress made her debut in a feature picture playing Michelle. The movie earned $117 in its first weekend and went on to become one of the most profitable films of the year. Despite having little on-screen time, Zendaya received high accolades from several critics and journalists who referred to her as a scene stealer, MVP, and other honorifics.

Zendaya and Tom Holland’s height difference 

How Tall Is Zendaya

The fact that Zendaya’s height is frequently mentioned in conjunction with Tom Holland’s height is one reason why this question is asked of her more frequently than of certain other actors and actresses. 

Fans who have seen them on the red carpet or at other events will notice something special about the couple since they are connected in more ways than one. In particular, Zendaya is taller than Tom Holland. There is a difference, one that advantages Zendaya on the height scale, even if it isn’t a huge one (just approximately two inches). 

And back when they were rumored to have begun dating, the topic of Zendaya’s height in relation to Tom Holland first entered the conversation around the release of Spider-Man: Far From Home. At that time, people began to notice that Zendaya was taller than Tom Holland, and some even took the effort to call this out or even make fun of it. 

Tom Holland, for his part, was against it, calling those who believed a man should be taller than a woman in a relationship “problematic” and “misogynistic” in a conversation with Jessica Shaw. From this vantage point, it didn’t seem like Zendaya’s height was an issue for Tom Holland.

How does Tom Holland And Zendaya Address Their Height Difference?

Since the release of Spider-Man: Homecoming in July 2017, people have voiced their opinions over the actors’ disparate heights in the films. The two’s red carpet poses together prove it as well. However, unlike what some may think, the performers are comfortable with their height. 

In a December 2021 interview with her Spider-Man: No Way Home co-stars, Zendaya remarked, “This is normal, too.” “My dad is shorter than my mom. Everyone is shorter than my mother. Zendaya is 5 feet, 10 inches tall, compared to Tom’s reported height of 5 feet, 8 inches. Of course, the Disney Channel alum always has heels on due to her amazing fashion sense.

In a different interview with GQ in November 2021, Tom expressed similar sentiments. At the time, he said, “Having her in my life was so essential to my sanity. She excels at serving as a positive role model for both young men and women. 

There is never a poor time when someone asks, “Can I have a picture?” However, my first thought was, “Why are you talking to me? Let me be alone. 

Tom reminisced, “I remember when we were doing the Spider-Man screen tests… ” as they discussed their height comparison. 

Every female we tested for both roles was taller than me, but you’d have to ask [director] Jon Watts that,” Speaking further about Zendaya’s Spider-Man casting, the Cherry star added, “To be truthful, I am fairly short.” So perhaps Jon Watts made that choice because he was aware of the stigma and wanted to shatter it. I deem it excellent.

What is Zendaya’s Net Worth?

Zendaya is an actress, singer, dancer, producer, and businesswoman. She made her Disney Channel debut as Rocky Blue on “Shake It Up” for three years before playing K.C. Cooper in “K.C. Undercover.” 

She continues to be a member of the Disney family today, as M.J., Peter Parker’s girlfriend in the most current Spider-Man movies, played by Tom Holland. 

According to reports, Zendaya earned $2 million for her part in the critically acclaimed Sony / Marvel film “Spider-Man: No Way Home.” Zendaya has spent more than ten years acting in TV shows and motion pictures, as well as starring in several commercials and showcasing her musical abilities. According to Celebrity Net Worth, she is reportedly worth $20 million.

Lesser-Known Facts about Zendaya

How Tall Is Zendaya
  • Zendaya is a multi-ethnic person. She is of Scottish, German, American, and African ancestry. The actor has always been genuine while discussing her ancestry. 
  • When she was 19 years old, Zendaya began working as a UNAIDS ambassador. She urged young people in America to get tested in the advertisements because “knowing your HIV/AIDS status is hip.” 
  • The actress is an avid Harry Potter fan. She used to watch Harry Potter virtually every day back in the day. 
  • She doesn’t mind using her front teeth to bite into ice cream. 
  • She loves Channing Tatum a lot. Tatum has been identified by Zendaya as one of her all-time favorite celebrities. 
  • She would be a teacher if she weren’t an actor.

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