How Telegram differs from WhatsApp and its new 2021 policies

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How Telegram differs from WhatsApp and its new 2021 policies

Has the new WhatsApp notification reached you and put you on alert? Well, the fast messaging app has mentioned, through a brief statement on all cell phones in the world, that it will enable its new 2021 security policies.

They indicate that WhatsApp may use your information to synchronize it with Facebook. Especially on the subject of your name, contacts and phone number. This will generate to improve, understand, personalize, support our services and social network offers.

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Despite the fear that exists, a large part of users has returned to the trend to Telegram, which has gained many users in what was 2020.

It offers a variety of features that WhatsApp does not have, for example in Telegram you can change the color of the platform completely, delete messages without leaving a trace and even schedule your messages. What is the difference between them?

Are you using WhatsApp and Telegram?  Know what its characteristics are.  (Photo: MAG)


If you do not want to accept the new WhatsApp policies, sooner or later you will have to do so in case you want to continue using the application. But they also have chat alternatives like Telegram. Here we compare them:

File sharing: WhatsApp only allows you to upload multimedia files that do not exceed 16 MB, while 100 MB is the maximum weight in case you want to share documents. For its part, Telegram allows you to share documents weighing up to 2 GB. Multi-devices: At the moment WhatsApp can only be used on a single smartphone. Unlike Telegram, the app can be opened on different cell phones without losing your communications or groups. Storage: All WhatsApp files are saved on your phone; On the other hand, Telegram saves all your files in its cloud and you can download them if you need them. Privacy and security: In WhatsApp you can only hide your connection time and make a backup of your conversations. In Telegram you can activate the messages that self-destruct, even hide your phone number or prevent your friends from capturing your conversations. Personalization: In WhatsApp you can only change the wallpapers, in Telegram it is possible to modify the full color of the platform to your liking.Groups: In WhatsApp you can only create groups with up to 256 participants, while in Telegram you can gather up to 200 thousand members.


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