How The IT And Gaming Sectors Performed In 2022

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How The IT And Gaming Sectors Performed In 2022

2022 is over, and we’re now making our way through the early stages of 2023. It’s a time when many industries will look back and reflect on the previous twelve months to see how well they did and how they can do even better over the coming months. And, with both IT and gaming prominent sectors, their performances in 2022 will be crucial to what happens in the future.

When dealing with the IT and Gaming industries, you have two huge sectors that can be broken down into more manageable bite-size chunks. And what we mean by this is that IT is more or less powered by the tech sector. Gaming, on the other hand, can be broadly spilt into video gaming, such as what takes place on a Playstation console, and casino gaming which is what we find at regulated online casino sites. Going forward, it’s looking at these elements that will allow for a better gauge of what’s been happening in 2022.

You may not initially believe it because of how prominent the tech sector is and how integral it appears in day-to-day life in terms of products, but it’s been a really bad year, with the majority of tech firms seeing dramatic year-on-year losses occur. And this naturally has a significant knock on effect into the larger umbrella operation of IT. An example of just how bad a year it’s been is that AMD saw a year-on-year loss of -53.31% occur. Understandably, you will likely see this in the “worst performer” sections.

But the real telling factor is if you look for tech companies that are deemed to have been good performers in 2022. Apple, the makers of everything from iPhones and iPads to Macbooks and iMacs, are a firm you expect always to go well. But they, too, posted a figure in the minus. This time it was -25.49% where year-on-year performance was concerned. 2023 is naturally going to be a huge year, with many tech companies aiming to get back on track, which will then boost IT as a whole.

There is a lot to like on the gaming side of the equation, but that’s to be expected. A lot of what’s happening with figures across most sectors around the globe now is based on performance during the pandemic, with many companies having seen revenues skyrocket during 2020 and 2021, and now they’re levelling off and returning to their default position. So, ideally, not seeing dramatic swings, as has been seen with IT and tech, is vital.

Gaming, as in video gaming, is down year-on-year as it adjusts to its natural state after a hugely successful couple of years. But, the adjustment is tiny in the grand scheme of things, registering between 4% and 5%, which shows video gaming is set to remain as popular and profitable moving forwards as it has been in more recent times where it could have been artificially inflated temporarily because of so many people staying at home.

And finally, to show the prominence of gaming further, casino gaming is continuing to grow at breakneck speed. Again, it’s another industry that profited in years 2020 and 2021 for obvious reasons, but in 2022 some of the top-performing platforms are raking in billions where revenue is concerned. And the overall value of the industry is continuing to increase year-on-year, with 2023 set to be its most profitable yet.

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