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How the new Youtube option to cut Netflix videos works

Netflix Y Youtube can easily be seen as competitors in the streaming industry, but this time they came together to provide solutions to users. The application owned by Google included a new option that allows to trim videos in the official account of the company of the N. How does it work and what is it for?

Imagine that you entertain yourself with an interview on YouTube and a phrase that you want to share with your friends catches your attention. Normally, you should watch the entire video and indicate the exact minute that you want others to see. But nevertheless, now that will not be necessary because you can directly pass the trimmed content.

The option appears only on the official Netflix original account. That is, it is not in its versions of Spain or Latin America. Each video uploaded to the channel that lasts more than two minutes, can be edited to separate only the fragment you want to send. This function is available for both desktop as mobile.


How the new Youtube option to cut Netflix videos works

Doing so is really simple: first you must find the channel indicated above and choose a video that is longer than 120 seconds. Then you have to choose the option “TRIM” and there a small configuration will come off. You will be able to give the new clip a name and choose from when where to make the cut.

Netflix en Youtube


What you should keep in mind before editing is that it has to be a maximum of 1 minute. Once the selection is made, Youtube will give you the option to “Share Clip” and you can publish it on different social networks such as WhatSapp, Twitter, Facebook, among others. Without a doubt, a more than useful tool for any hobbyist.




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