How the visually impaired use the iPhone

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How the visually impaired use the iPhone

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Here’s a little experiment to start with: Close your eyes and try to operate your iPhone. Don’t cheat – don’t blink! Switch on, open your favorite app or write WhatsApp. You will probably find this endeavor difficult at best because you have already set up Siri or a few other aids. Without it, it’s completely impossible. You can also try it on the Mac – it will most likely also have only moderate success.

For the blind and people with impaired vision, these things are part of everyday life. We asked how this user group uses Apple’s smartphones and computers and why the iPhone in particular is so extremely popular. Hans-Joachim Krause from the technology group of the Blind and Visually Impaired Association of Lower Saxony says: “The great thing is that all iPhones can be operated in the same way.” This is different with Android phones. “Depending on the manufacturer, the cell phones are provided with very different Android versions. It is extremely difficult to explain to non-seeing which gestures or actions lead to the desired success. “

Of course, different iOS versions hardly behave identically either. Not all iPhones can also be equipped with the latest operating system. But, according to Krause, the consistency within the Apple universe is much higher than that in the Android world.

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