How they can extort money from you for WhatsApp: Beware of these scams

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With more than a quarter of the entire population of this world using it every month, WhatsApp is the favorite application of hackers and cybercriminals to try to apply their scams. There are billions of users and potential victims, so we are always seeing Phishing attempts, smishing, false links, etc. But what the OSI has discovered is a little more serious, because we are talking directly about extortion.

Extortion through WhatsApp

OSI, the Cybernaut Security Office of the Spanish INCIBE, alert on the detection of two types of fraud through WhatsApp that could be related. In the first the victim is extorted and defamed through their WhatsApp contacts after applying for a loan through an application. In the second case, cybercriminals impersonate the victim and request their WhatsApp contacts an amount of money.

How do they work:

  • Fraud 1: The victim is defamed through his WhatsApp contacts dDue to an alleged loan and recent default. The initial loan was made through an application designed for it and after spending a day they began to arrive defamatory messages to your contacts.
  • Fraud 2: The victim suffers an identity theft and your WhatsApp contacts receive messages asking for money on your behalf. The cybercriminal creates a fake profile with the victim’s name and photo. The phone from which the profile has been created is an international number.

To do

What can we do in case of suffering one of the two cases? According to the OSI, under any concept make any payment or money transfer. Contrast the information and investigate who is requesting it “. If you have installed an application and have requested a loan through it, “delete it and try to contact the service that has given you the loan through its website ”. It is advisable to scan the device with an updated antivirus to rule out any type of malware.

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In the event that you have accessed the blackmail and made the payment of bitcoins, “collect all the evidence you have (screenshots, emails, messages, etc.) and contact the State Security Forces (FCSE) to file a complaint”.


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