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How to activate Center Stage on your iPad

In these times, tablets have become the most used devices during the pandemic. Their compact size with a power close to that of an average computer in many cases make them the perfect devices for leisure, but especially for work. Now that the meetings are done remotely, you will want everything to go well and that’s what iPad Stage is for. We tell you how to activate it.

This is how the Central Stage is activated

In professional productions we have seen how each character has a camera that follows at all times. Of course, we are talking about situations in which a human and technical team is spectacular, but users look for similar functions in their day-to-day devices and in the case of Apple they find it with what the firm has called Center Stage

This is a feature that takes advantage of the full potential of the wide-angle camera to focus attention on a person. All you have to do is activate it in the settings, but we are going to tell you exactly what are the steps you have to follow To activate the Center Stage on your iPad:

  • Go into Settings
  • Go to Facetime
  • In the right column enter the Center Stage function
  • Activate it

It’s that simple and the best thing is that this feature is compatible with other applications such as Zoom or Google Meet among many others. From that point on, the wide angle camera will use its software to follow you whenever you get out of the shot, but within the capabilities of the camera. It will zoom in to always be focused on you, but if more users are involved in the call, the camera will recognize them and enlarge the plane so that everyone can be seen.

Yes indeed, not all iPads support this feature, so we leave you the list of those that have this characteristic:

  • 12.9-inch fifth-generation iPad Pro (2021)

  • 11-inch third-generation iPad Pro (2021)

  • 10.2-inch 9th generation iPad (2021)

  • 8.3-inch sixth-generation iPad mini (2021)


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