How to activate low power mode on your Mac

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All current laptops have a common feature regardless of the brand they are: access to the battery. Before, there were even those that the battery could be removed from the back, but if we focus on what Apple is, we find a well-closed structure everywhere. That is why it is important to preserve the battery as much as possible in this regard and for this we are going to teach you how to enable Mac low power mode.

What is Mac’s low power mode for?

Apple is one of the most innovative brands in the technology segment. It has left us some of the most important devices of all time, but in this case we are going to talk to you about one of the most iconic devices such as the Mac. The equipment is very light and aesthetically simple, but sometimes you may want to that autonomy is maintained for as long as possible.

For that you have two optionsEither you reduce the amount of workload on your computer or you activate the Mac low power mode. In fact, you can even do both if you take into account that it is a function that reduces the power of the computer to increase the autonomy time of the machine.

How and when to activate low power mode

Before activating the low power mode of your Mac you should know a few things. The first thing is that you cannot choose the moment in which this function kicks in. In Windows, for example, you can change battery plans in order to set a percentage limit when this reduction in PC capabilities kicks in. You will have to do it manually and, as if that were not enough, not compatible with newer models.

That is to say, bitten apple has not enabled this feature in macOS Monterey, but this is as simple as enabling this feature with a software update. However, if your computer has a version from 2016 onwards, it is very likely that you do. Now we are going to show you how to find it if it is the case:

  • Turn on your mac
  • Go to the apple icon
  • Enter system preferences
  • Go to Battery

Here you have to activate the Mac low power mode in two places: one is the battery section itself and the other is the connected current section. In both cases you will find a selection square that you must press to activate it.


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