How to activate WhatsApp reactions officially

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WhatsApp It continues to be one of the applications that several people continue to like not only because of the number of tools it has on its platform, but through it you can chat with whoever you want just by having their cell phone number registered in yours. They can also exchange photos and videos that are only viewed once.

As the platform continues to update its way of chatting, WhatsApp is about to integrate the famous reactions that are already present in various applications such as Facebook, Messenger and Instagram. When can they be seen?

According to the well-known website that filters everything about the app, , points out that the reactions in the messages will arrive in less than a rooster crows, some even assure that this will only be seen at the end of the year, as a Christmas gift. You imagine?

The way to react to a comment or a piece of the chat in WhatsApp it will be easy. You just have to press the text for a few seconds and, at that moment, the icons will appear to react with various emojis, among which are the “like” and the “red heart”.

The same web WABeta Info reports that reactions to WhatsApp messages are still in beta and in a completely closed code in the version If you want to have it, you must first be a beta tester to get the reactions as soon as they arrive:



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