How to add emojis and stickers to your Discord server

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If you have entered here it is because you want to know how to add emojis and stickers on your server from Discord. Expressing yourself with memes and gifs is fun, but emoticons are already part of our written language. That they were here to stay is something we already knew, but in recent years we have seen an outbreak of emoji collections with which to express ourselves in thousands of ways: reactions, sensations, thoughts, feelings, joy, anger, surprise … Fun.

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Let’s start with the basics. Discord allows us to have a maximum of 50 own emojis on our server —That is, those that we include; regardless of those that may already exist on the platform. Once we have added them, all the users that belong to that server will be able to use them in the channels just by writing them. As you can guess, an emoji has its own character, which is the exact name of that icon. The minimum number of characters of each emoji is two. Since you cannot put spaces, an alternative is the underscore. On the other hand, another important aspect is that the images that we will convert to emoji cannot be more than 256 KB.

Now, to add emojis to our Discord server you have to download them, don’t you think? Let’s start with that part.

How to download free emojis compatible with Discord

There are many web portals where we can download emojis compatible with Discord. One of them, one of the best known, is, where categories appear —for which one is funnier— and filters to sort according to time or download criteria (most recent or most downloaded).

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When clicking on download, we will obtain the image in PNG format of the emoji in question, with its weight already configured and 100% compatible with Discord. Do you already have your folder ready? Let’s move on to Discord then.

How to add emojis on our Discord server

Now that you have your emoji and stickers, we recommend that you group them all in a local folder on your computer. Luckily, the next steps are really easy.

  1. Go to Discord and go to Server settings of the server where you want to add these emojis or stickers (as long as they meet the weight and compatible format mentioned above).
  2. Next, in the section Emojis, you will see that a new tab appears with the possibility of Upload emoji, see the remaining spaces and what the criteria should be to follow to be compatible with the program.

Once you upload it, you can rename it; You will also see that they have next to them the profile of the person who uploaded them.


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