How to add filters that you see in other people’s stories to your Instagram

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One of the functions that contributed to the initial success of Instagram was the simplicity in the retouching of the photos that the application had. It was enough to choose a filter option to instantly change an image, make it in B&W, turn it to sepia, saturate it to the extreme …

With the passage of time and the increase of its success, today IG has about 1,000 filters between those of the app itself and those created by users. And to discover and download new filters for your stories, you don’t even have to leave the application.

How to find and add new filters to Instagram

Of the most used in the application owned by Facebook, Instagram Stories have evolved a lot since its implementation. And today you can add from animated stickers to songs, purchase links and Augmented Reality filters.

Tired of the filters that come out by default to personalize Stories? We are going to teach you how to find and add new. There are several ways to do this:

Through the Story of a contact

  1. When you see a filter that you like in a contact’s Story, look for his name in the top left-hand corner
  2. Under your name filter name will appear
  3. Press it and the effect will open on your instagram
  4. Choose if test it or save it directly

Through the Effects Gallery

  1. open Instagram and swipe from left to right to open the Stories interface
  2. Choose one of the filters that appear in the interface
  3. When you have it selected, click on the name of the effect that appears next to its thumbnail
  4. From the options that appear, choose the one that says Explore Effects Gallery / Effect Gallery.
  5. The Effects Gallery, which is divided into 20 different sections.
  6. Choose the section you want and the filter what do you want to try
  7. Now you will see the preview of the effect. You can choose Try or directly Save to Camera to always have it available


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