How to Avoid Scam Essay Writing Services

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You would be hard-pressed to find a college student that likes to write essays. Also, today’s students are so overwhelmed by academic work that essays usually take a backseat. Usually, they are postponed until the very last moment, and they are put together in a hurry. But, essays are something that can’t be rushed, because in order to be good, they require research and a high level of writing, both of which take time.

Students, however, often realize that they don’t have enough time to even rush an essay. Desperate to turn their essay in on time, they turn to online essay writing services. One of the issues with that is that a lot of those websites and services are scams that take the students’ money and deliver subpar work which can’t even get them a passing grade. To help students spot and avoid scam services, I have decided to share a few tips. Keep on reading to find out more.

1. Check Their Website

This is the most obvious way to spot a scam essay writing service. Just go to their website and check it in terms of both design and content. If it looks several years outdated, you are probably dealing with scammers. Also, they will often use stock photos of people and try and pass them off as their staff writers, or even their customers. Fortunately, nowadays, it is extremely easy to check image authenticity with Google reverse image search, which returns the original source of the image. This way, you can also find out if they are using fake names in order to create made-up writer personas.

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If the information and the images on the website don’t check out, then you are 100% dealing with a scam service. In that case, I would keep on looking elsewhere for a service that will write my essay for me that is actually worth the money I paid for it.

2. Read the Reviews

Another thing you have to check out in order to see if you are dealing with a scam essay writing or coursework help UK service are all the customer reviews. If they are mostly negative, then you should constitute to look for another service. However, if they are overwhelmingly, unrealistically positive and heaping praise on the service, then you are probably reading reviews that were written by the service itself. An additional reason for suspicion is the lack of a page dedicated to customer reviews. In that case, you will have to look at third-party websites such as Trustpilot and see what they about the service in question.

If all or most of those red flags are present on a website, then you will need to avoid hiring that service and continue with your search.

3. Ask Questions about the Service

There is plenty of material here that can help you verify if you are dealing with a scam essay writing service. For instance, you can ask them about a sample essay in order to gauge the quality of the writing their writers produce. You can also try and order a small test essay. If they seem hesitant about it or they refuse or ignore you, then you’ll be sure that they are running some kind of a scam.

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You can ask questions about their policy on revisions or if they have a money-back guarantee. Most reputable essay writing services will offer free revisions until you are satisfied with the results. If the revisions haven’t resulted in an improved essay, then you should be able to ask for your money back. The same goes for being able to get in touch with their writers or their customer service. Poor communication and poor essay quality are clear signs of a scam.

4. Contact Them Personally

Take note of all the different ways in which you can contact a particular service. If they have an office, that’s a very good sign, but nowadays, it’s not unusual for businesses to work remotely. But, if they don’t have a phone so you can call them, that’s a pretty clear warning that something is off. If they answer your call, pay attention to how they speak. Do they speak with a strong accent despite the service claiming that they only employ native writers? If so, and if you cannot contact them urgently or by phone, then you are most likely dealing with a scam essay service that is only after your money.

Final Thought

Spotting a scam essay writing service might be a bit tricky, but now that you what to look out for, I am pretty sure that you will be able to do so, and hopefully, avoid it at all costs. There are plenty of good services out there which won’t take you money and deliver poorly written papers. Good luck!

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