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How to ban a contact from seeing your WhatsApp statuses

Although at the time it was a strange concept, what Snapchat invented in terms of sending content that disappears when viewed or hours after sending it is part of our daily social interactions: From Instagram stories to Twitter fleets or the recent images that disappear after viewing them once that you can use on WhatsApp.

WhatsApp States

And this also carries over to WhatsApp statuses, which are basically the WhatsApp version of Instagram Stories. And although they do not have their popularity, surely you have contacts that daily or occasionally upload something, be it a photo, a text or a video. Or maybe you do.

But, did you know that just like on Instagram, you can see which contacts of yours have seen that status you have uploaded? It’s that simple to know:

  1. Aon WhatsApp -in the mobile app or WhatsApp Web
  2. Go to States tab
  3. Credit about yours, the one you sent
  4. The status will open, look at the bottom and you will see an eye icon accompanied by some numbers
  5. And click on that eye icon, a list will open with the contacts of your WhatsApp that have seen it.

Ban someone from seeing your WhatsApp statuses

  1. Open WhatsApp and look for the icon three vertical points in the upper right corner: Open the options
  2. Search the list Settings And enter
  3. Seeks Bill (the first option that comes out)
  4. Come in and search Privacy (the first option that comes out)
  5. Now you can change who can and cannot see your personal information, and one of the sections is the WhatsApp States
  6. Click on state and choose. You can choose that none of your contacts see them, or select them one by one.


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