How to Become Popular in Tiktok

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How do you become popular at TikTok? To be admired and envied? And why does popularity bring in millions? You can’t just pour in videos from YouTube or Instagram stories. So: create content and a content plan specifically for this social network. This means that publications should be exciting, shocking, and entertaining in a good way.

On a side note: in 2021, the audience of Tik Tok has matured – about 60% of the users of this social network are now in the age group 18-35 years old. Therefore, you can find subscribers on the platform for a wider range of content and services. Documentaries with educational content may soon come in as well. Anyway, follow our tips and your account will grow quickly! Learn how to get into Tik Tok recommendations and follow these tips that will get you to the top of popularity in 20 steps.


The secret to Tik Tok’s popularity is simple: “Give people what they want.” In other words, show them the videos they want to watch. And then they’ll be happy to see them, like them, write comments, and subscribe to you. Tik Tok algorithms are sure to notice such popular videos and show them to more and more users. It’s so easy to get a million subscribers in just a few days.


The answer is simple: popular videos already exist! All you need to do is to find and understand the reason for their popularity. To do this, go to the “Trends” section and watch videos that have gained a lot of views. Don’t forget that you need to be an expert in your theme, or be interested in this topic – it is relevant for all the topics and themes, as to how to bet on new online betting site, how to become a famous singer, or how to master some cooking hacks.

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But do not just watch, take something like a questionnaire and fix: the plot (idea) of the video, music, recording and editing techniques used, etc. After watching a hundred videos, you will find that some videos are somewhat similar. You just have to figure out what they have in common that makes them popular, and then shoot similar ones.


 Regarding the regularity of posts – as with any social network, the rules are the same: You can become a successful TikTok only with stable activity. Experts recommend posting 1-2 videos a day, but of course, consider the specifics.


Create collages and collages with songs from past decades, disbanded bands, music from end-of-life popular shows, etc.

This is one of the main pieces of advice for beginner tiktokers – until you have an army of loyal fans and/or you have yet to find your style, theme, and style of presentation, take it with emotion. This works almost without fail – content that hooks them is shared more readily and more often. For example, nostalgia, a sense of pride, self-importance (here we are talking about subscribers, not about you), compassion, empathy. But here it is important to find the edge and not to roll in banal manipulations.

Show your uniqueness and zest from the first seconds of the video, intrigue, shock, be honest. This is the only way your page has a chance to become popular and bring you fame. One of the easiest ways is through nostalgic light sadness.  

And there is also one important thing that must be noted- don’t steal ideas and techniques. Viewers will find that you are imitating successful TikTok stars. Be yourself, be emotional and TikTok will be yours!

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