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How to Boost Your Android Phone Signal and Regain Connectivity



What happens when you have no signal on your Android cell phone?

Simple, the telephone services you contracted do not work. It means that it will be impossible to browse the internet with mobile data, make or receive calls and SMS text messages. Without a doubt, it is a very frustrating problem, especially when you have been in mode for many days “out of service”.

What are the causes and what should you do in this type of situation?

I will explain some possible conventional solutions, so you will be in communication with your friends, family, or colleagues again and you will also have access to the internet.

Possible Solutions:

1. Restart your smartphone: In case the problem suddenly persists, restart your smartphone. If the problem still persists, the copper coating of the SIM card may be damaged. It is recommended to go to the operator to purchase a duplicate chip.

2. Check for area breakdowns: If there are breakdowns in your area, wait for the company’s technicians to fix the problem.

3. Airplane mode activated: If your Android cell phone is without a mobile signal, check if the Airplane mode is activated. Deactivate it to regain internet access and telephone signal reception.

4. Network without coverage: Change the network to “4G” or “3G” to improve coverage. Adjust your cell phone to automatically connect to the network with greater coverage.

5. Outdated smartphone: Check for software updates in the “Settings” menu. Download and install any available updates.

What should you do if your Android phone gets hot?

1. Close unnecessary apps: Go to “Settings” > “Applications” and force close any apps that are running in the background.

2. Let your phone rest: If your phone becomes extremely hot, let it rest and cool down before using it again.

3. Check for malware: Your phone may have a malware virus that is causing it to heat up. Run a malware scan and remove any detected viruses.

4. Avoid maximum brightness: Using maximum brightness for long periods of time can cause your phone to heat up. Use automatic brightness or adjust the brightness according to the environment.

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