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How to call with a hidden number from an iPhone

It has happened to all of us that of picking up the mobile to answer an incoming call and see that we cannot even read the number because it is not reflected. It is a maneuver that commercial departments of companies and telemarketing services usually use, and since the number does not appear, we cannot save it and block it.

Te han call with hidden number But, did you know that you can also do the same and call from your iPhone hiding your number so that it is not revealed in the call? This is how you do it:

Hide your phone number when calling on iPhone

Method 1: Code 67

Your iPhone mobile has several secrets that can be unlocked by using codes marked on the screen with the numeric keypad. And one of them serves to hide the number:

  1. Mark this manually on the call screen: *67 (asterisk 67)
  2. Dial the phone number below the one you are going to call, which would look like this: * 67XXXXXXXXX
  3. When you dial, the recipient of the call will not be able to see the number that is calling you because it will be hidden.

Method 2: Caller ID

Within iOS there is a function specifically designed to hide or show your caller ID when you make one. So you can activate or remove it, since some operators even block it:

  1. Seeks Settings on your iPhone and enter the app
  2. Look for the option Telephone
  3. Inside this you should see an option called Show my Caller ID
  4. Come in and unplug it if it’s on.
  5. If you don’t see it, your operator has blocked it. Get in touch with him because some unlock it if the user requests it.


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