How to change Telegram chat background

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Messaging applications are the most widespread and they all fight each other to sneak into your mobile phone. Yes, everyone has WhatsApp in mind when we talk about this type of product, but the truth is that it has very strong competition such as Telegram. More and more people are joining in order to benefit from its benefits, such as mass groups, but the experience with the app may be important for users. And this is where we are going to mess with a trick that everyone You should know what it is like to change the background of a Telegram chat.

This is how you change the background of a Telegram chat

The customization part of each application is important to users. It is that bit dedicated to them so that an application has a personal touch both visually and soundly. This can be seen in the vast majority of devices on the market that at least have a screen to show their interface. But we have to focus on Telegram and its function to change the background of the Chat.

The back part where the messages are superimposed is predefined so as not to interfere with them and to make them legible. But thanks to the spacing of each conversation it is easy to follow them and that is why customizing an app is very simple. In the case of the paper plane app, we find several ways to access this function. We start with the mobile, which goes through the following steps:

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  1. Enter Telegram

  2. Go to the three bars menu

  3. Select Settings

  4. Click on the Change background part of the chat

  5. Choose the default background or any other from the gallery

Now you will have the possibility to see in the background a photograph that you have chosen or that the company has offered you to give it a different touch. But you can still do more things with this trick and that is to change the background of the Telegram chat in the Windows 10 application. We will start from the beginning of everything, with the launch of the application on the computer in question. From here follow the next steps:

  1. Go to settings

  2. Select Chat Settings

  3. Go to the chat background section

  4. Here you can select from the gallery or from a file

  5. Once chosen you will see the preview

  6. If it convinces you, give it to apply


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