How to Chat with ChatGPT-4 on WhatsApp

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WhatsApp users can now enjoy a range of features that enhance their messaging experience. Apart from the “online” status update and 21 new available emojis, users can also chat with artificial intelligence (AI) robots such as ChatGPT-4, or “God in a box”. This AI chatbot can provide quick and reliable answers to users, eliminating the need to search for information on search engines like Google.

To chat with ChatGPT-4 on WhatsApp, users must first log in with their Google account or phone number. They can then click on “Get started” at the website and input their phone number. Once a verification code is received, they can begin to chat with ChatGPT-4 using WhatsApp.

Users can also register with OpenAI to experience a more advanced level of artificial intelligence evolution. Like ChatGPT-4, this AI chatbot also requires an email log in. It can provide more precise answers, as it has evolved to the ChatGPT-4 version.

ChatGPT-4 is an AI chatbot developed by the OpenAI company. It is designed to give users immediate answers to their queries by conducting a quick search of data on the internet. Through ChatGPT-4, users have access to a more interactive and varied means of seeking information.

Overall, chatbots like ChatGPT-4 and “God in a box” can be helpful tools for people who want immediate answers to their questions. They increase efficiency and reduce the need for manual searching. With social media platforms like WhatsApp integrating such features, users can expect advanced technological developments to revolutionize conversation and messaging.

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