How to compare the products of one bank with another?

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Which bank is best for me when requesting a loan mortgage or vehicle? If you are thinking of acquiring some financial productIt is important that you compare what each entity offers so that later you do not get surprises or have problems with your finances.

In the country there are more than 50 financial entities, including banks, savings banks and companies that offer various types of products with a wide range of offers and benefits that you must choose according to your needs.

“When you acquire a financial product, which is a relevant acquisition in your life, it is always important to know if it matches your income level in order to meet the obligations associated with the product. It is vitally important to make a decision according to your needs and that satisfies them “, indicates Bárbara Castro, professor at Pacifico Business School.

The specialist indicates that it is important for people to inform themselves and go to various entities before purchasing a product so that they can analyze the most convenient. It highlights that it is essential that they look at the annual effective rate, which, unlike the interest rate, encompasses all the costs that are associated with financial products.

The considerations depend on the product you are purchasing:

To buy the convenience of one account or another it is important:

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