How to connect your PC to the internet using your smartphone


Connecting to the Internet is easy if you have a smartphone handy. This assuming you have a contracted data rate, although in the worst case you can connect to the nearest WiFi. But let’s put ourselves in the best of times and not so good. Namely, that you have a data rate on your mobile but you cannot connect your computer. We tell you how to solve it.

What is a hotspot on your mobile

You sure know how to use a smartphone. If you come from traditional mobiles, you already have a lot of knowledge learned, but the possibilities offered by the Internet are very wide. In fact, they have even changed the form of use these devices to the point of turning them into a hotspot. This can be defined as a position of your mobile to turn it into an Internet access point.

How to solve connection problems with your Android mobile

Now that you know what it means to use your mobile as a hotspot, we will tell you how you can fix connection problems. Keep in mind that in this position your mobile works as a router and will use the data of your rate to provide Internet to all nearby devices that are linked. And here is the first problem and it is that you have changed the password. One comes by default, but you can change it whenever you want, but remember to do it also on the devices you connect it to.

Of course, verify that the mobile is connected in hotspot mode, whether it is wireless or cable. The first is verified on your Android mobile through the route Settings> Connection and sharing> Personal hotspot. From here you will have the option to activate the tab to start sending data wirelessly. Otherwise, in the previous step you must replace the part at the end with the section on USB data sharing, which will be activated when it recognizes a wired connection.

The other point that you should take into account has to do with the use of your computer, since if your PC does not connect to the Internet through your mobile we recommend that you take a look at the Windows 10 troubleshooter. Check that the connection is successful, that you are not far from the phone if that is the case, and that the device is not faulty.


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